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• Where do broken dreams go •

Where do dreams go?
Do they hide under the rotten trees of the unknown garden?
Are they under the sinking soil of the Atacama, the dreaded desert
At times I wonder where this fantasy of “reality” is buried
After the visit of its killer by nature or by chance
Or maybe they are held by the creatures of large feathers and gracious crowns,
Due to the un-actualization of the unfortunate
This gets me puzzled
As I ask myself again where do dreams go to?
Do they go on holiday?
Or probably take some official off from workplace?
Planning on resuming after summer or winter
Hmm! I doubt,
‘cos this employee never returns to its employer
Like a dice of ludo that turns two when six is needed
And same happens thereof
Probably they are under the death of the sea
Unseen by curious scientists
Hanging and patiently feigning patience
Waiting for the bait and hook to prick it hoof
And I ask again, “where do the dreams go?”.
Where are the broken ones settling down?

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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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This is outstanding . You have asked a never ending question. Your wording is outstanding. I enjoyed reading this write

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you have asked the never ending question with no answer. I enjoyed your wording and the write

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