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• Girls are not Brooms •


Girls are not brooms,
even if they're old brooms
that are broken into pieces
remember, they can still be of use to sweep under the mango tree;
don't chase them away, anyhow, or kick them like worthless things, when you see them around you!

When broom is newly brought from palm tree,
you use them wisely to tidy your homes .
when the broom become old, you kick them with legs, from toilet to trashcans.

Next time, you find another new broom, and abandon the old one;
even if they're broken brooms,

remember, they can still be use to sweep under the mango tree..

Some guys, use girls like brooms,
to sweep the house compound corridor

Many men, use them to clean cobwebs in the kitchen, bedroom & parlour ceiling...

Don't dump girls like bins & use them like cleaning agent,
break not their hearts, they are not brooms...
even if they're brooms, remember they can still sweep somewhere in the house, don't dump who you promised to love! Learn to be the verb of your words!

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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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you have said so much in your words being a senior citizen I read so much in this work we are not to be forgotten or tossd aside lie old brooms
beautiful writing you have said so much thank you

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Thanks ma'am.


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