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Shark Pool

Workshop for 'serious' poets who are ready to start honing their craft. More critical feedback and harsh critique will be offered by each other and from the Moderators/Leaders.

The Great, Big, All-Inclusive Critique Workshop

A lot of folks who don't offer critique (who aren't doing so for selfish reasons) don't offer suggestions because they don't feel qualified. They don't have the terminology, the technical skills, the poetic know-how, or the formal education overall.
This workshop is intended to serve the needs of readers and writers who want a foundation for suggesting revisions and giving writing advice.
Mon, 06/18/2018 to Thu, 08/30/2018

Renga 18 (Rain/Raindrops)

Description: Modern Day Renga Poetry

Leader: Barbara Writes
Moderator(s): raj

Objectives: To bring Neopoets together to sharpen their poetic skill, share their poems, and critique Poetry of others. It is a place to interact and co-write Poetry together.

Level of expertise: Open to all

Subject matter: Renga Theme: Rain/Raindrops is to be written in Japanese format. Haiku 5/7/5, senyru 5/7/5, tanka 5/7/5/7/7 and Renga (Eternal string of tanka)

Fri, 06/01/2018 to Sat, 06/30/2018

Description: Short form appeals to a reader's imagination and goes across cultural barriers.

It disciplines the poet and requires the most precise choice of words in the same time leaving a good degree of pleasant ambiguity.

How to use a poetic toolbox – personification, extended metaphor, allusions, alliteration, repetition, rhyme, meter – in short form? Without a doubt it is a difficult question, however, it is well recognized that structure and patterns make a short poem esthetically pleasing.

Sun, 02/11/2018 to Sun, 03/11/2018

How To Help With Critique

Objectives: To practice giving constructive feedback.

Level of expertise: Open to all, especially newcomers learning to give constructive feedback.

Subject matter: This is widely regarded as one of the worst poems of all time. For this workshop simply pretend that it a Neopoet member's first poem and write a critique. Keep it reasonably short, we can't all write a thesis on everyone's poems.
We will then critique each others critiques.

Sat, 10/15/2016 to Fri, 12/15/2017

Super Quickie Critique

Description: A quick exercise in Critique

Leader: weirdelf (Jess)
Moderator(s): Volunteers please.

Objectives: To practice giving constructive feedback on bad poetry.

Level of expertise: Open to all

Subject matter: This is widely regarded as one of the worst poems of all time. For this workshop simply pretend that it has been posted by a Neopoet member and write a critique.
We will then critique each others critiques.

The Tay Bridge Disaster
by William McGonagall

Sun, 09/11/2016 to Tue, 09/27/2016

Storytelling in Verse (sempiternal): The Ballade

Description: To write a Ballade

Leader: Wesley
Moderator(s): Alid

Objectives: To explore a classical form and produce one.

Level of expertise: Open to all

Subject matter: The ballade is the hardest form I know. The shop will study and try to write a 14th century example.

Sun, 11/01/2015 to Thu, 12/31/2015

Hiding emotions in metaphors

Description:learning how to describe emotions through the use of metaphors,short discussion exercises(short)at least five poems will be written,comparison charts for use in the poem section of workshop

Leader: china blue
Moderator(s): Rula

Objectives:stated above

Level of expertise: Open to all

Subject matter:
emotions and metaphors

Fri, 09/11/2015 to Wed, 09/30/2015

Meet The Masters

Description:To gain a better understanding of the masters of poetry

Leader: China Blue
Wesley Snow

Objectives:To learn about and how the 19th century masters lived ,and wrote

Level of expertise: Open to all

Fri, 06/05/2015 to Sun, 06/21/2015

An Exploration of Style, Subject, and Critique

26 days, one subject, three styles of poetry, biting critique, 10 slots . . . Are you willing to give it a try

How are you feeling?

Up to a challenge?

Want to test your ability to write way out of your comfort zone?


Then join my workshop. It starts May 8th and runs for 26 days.

In that time, 10 lucky people will be assigned a subject and will produce three (3) separate poems and critique 27. You do not get to choose the subject, the styles, or the time.

What could possibly go wrong?

Fri, 05/08/2015 to Fri, 05/29/2015

Critique and Criticism

Description: Analysis of "critique"

Leader: W. H. Snow
Moderator(s): Alidzidan, Rula

Objectives: To leave the participants with a better understanding of what and how the poet critiques.

Level of expertise: Open to all

Subject matter: Critique.

Sun, 04/05/2015 to Thu, 04/30/2015


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