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Playing With Words(Part 1)


i caught you hiding at the back of the door,
you're so familiar yet i don't know your name
we have heard about your stories before
and i could feel you for i've once felt the same...

scared you suddenly ran from place to place..
i guessed you're crying yet i can hardly hear,
my friend, you should look for them at somewhere else
surely, your family is not living here...


"Best Friend"

a piece of Earth colored with yellow and gray,
lying on a corner of the wooden floor,
you call me up when the stars were away,
only few can really know what you are for..

after spins of hours that we have shared,
i can't wish for more nor a single thing,
for in such times you fill up the empty air
you could have made the loneliest person sing...


"A Martyr"

you're in the road every night and day,
standing great divine and seemed tireless,
witnessing how your faces will affect each way,
the burden is much but you are taking less...

i wonder why sometimes only few do your command,
when yours is always for everybody's good..
you work up though under the height of the sun,
smoothening the ways the best that you could..


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