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I'd Loved A Girl 7 Years Younger Than Me

the voice-over told us that we're landing down,
i felt excitement to see my friend..
though this was my first time to be in Singapore,
i know it's going to be great fun..

the cab driver dropped me off the Universal Studios,
bit amazed by how people here live day-to-day
and the atmosphere is very tourist-friendly,
i felt as if i'm just anywhere on Philippine soil.

i bought a fruit shake in a nearby stall,
bit amazed with the price - $5.00,around 2 Pesos,
i sat down a bench and my eyes circled around views,
i called her mobile phone on SingTel..

she said she's yet on Paya Lebar so it will take some minutes,
i really felt the chill driven by excitement,
then i was thumbed-still by a girl passer-by,
she really looks like a familiar girl.

like time travelling, i was crumpled back two years ago..
back in front of a fifth-grader girl named Candy
i was then taking up my bachelor's in film making
in Philippine Polytechnique University.

we met on a biennial Science Fair event,
organized by my school and hers..
i was really taken by her innocent smile and beauty,
and this evolved to something i wished would never get worse.

i can remember the time she became my girlfriend,
i felt as if i was the luckiest man on the world..
as if i was the newest discovery of MTV
as if i had beaten Mayweather on his PPV.

i sent my Innova to car-polishers to look new and cool,
and filled my wallet which was then real empty.
then gave her a surprise fetch on her school,
but an old man approached - there's her daddy!!

one time when we're talking with each other in their backyard,
her father came out and when he saw us in holding hands,
said," you!! a pedophile! get out collegiate bastard!!!
or else i'll call up my clan's firing bands!!!!

i ran unwillingly because that day was our first "monthsary"
i thought that man is making faces so i looked back and saw plenty..
i must find a way to have the final victory....
then a friend called out, "you need an EENT!!!!!"

all the days and nights we spend texting with each other,
all those weekends and jams i used my last money over..
all those semesters my grades fell lower,
nah! every part of this gives me kinda' fever..

that friend invited me to the cycle of wines,
i'll be back there and get her for good..
i felt foolish when i looked back these lines,
broke into vision that Candy was still a child and young.

the next day we came to see each other,
i need to be her friend and not her boyfriend..
she told me that they will move to the province,
damn! and years after... i wonder where she is now.

sometimes when i use the national highway,
i pass by their old home in Makati..
and whenever such, i felt a sense of loss..
a comeback would be just fate's intention..

i fell back to my present world,
a girl came out from a taxicab.
she told me, "are you Peter Gabriel?"
i nodded,to my eye-glassed friend..

we never ran out of words to tell each other.
though i wished she never came too late.
but all of us here have pretty hauntings from everybody's past..
mine? (laughs) a foolish one after i had moved on.

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