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weirdelf's blog

Is chat back up?

I just launched a chat room and it worked! No-one else there yet of course. I hope I am not being pre-emptive but wow! This would be huge!
I so miss chat! It's my unpremeditated often over-medicated comments there that have got me suspended from Neopoet too many times to count but by crikey we had some fun!

Voting time! All members.

All members, you don't even have to have been a participant , go to
read the submissions and vote for who most successfully created a serious, emotional, philosophical, political or whatever poem out of what is basically by form a humorous form. It is very, very hard to do. Read them and vote, with a very, very short explanation of why it worked so well.

I submitted my own but hey are clearly disqualified as workshop,leader.

Are you blocked? Short of ideas?

Try an old trick of mine when blocked. If you have a desktop computer (I don't know how to do it on a laptop unless you can close your eyes and touch type) open your word processor, turn off the screen and just type the colour, images one see with closed eyes and any thoughts that come to mind, do not attempt to edit. When you open your eyes there will be an unholy mess but with some very surprising content you can use for the basis of ideas.

Poetry on the net versus printed poetry

Simply this.
Remember, we are reading on a computer screen where we can escape at a click of the mouse, not on a printed page which is inescapable.
This does change the nature of our poetry, for good or bad?
You tell me.

Consciousness - A challenge.

I've watched a couple of Youtubes lately that have really challenged my ideas of conciousness, soul, thought. "The Primacy of Consciousness" by Peter Russell (an hour long but very worth watching).

Happy birthday Jayne and Lonnie!

Two birthdays this week (that I know of) Jayne (Serendipity), sept 5, and Lonnie, sept 9.
Happy birthday to you both and sorry any I've missed.


The English language is an an amalgam of many different languages, it begs, borrows, appropriates and incorporates every language it has contact with. That is what makes it one of the most powerful languages in the world.

It uses every word that can express anything.

Now swearing, profanity, cursing, obscenity are all part of that.

Use whatever word is needed to express what you need to say. That includes all the above.

"To Serve Poet" workshop is getting started

I especially look forward to our newer members joining and some of our "old-timers" who are still a bit shy about offering critical feedback.

Neopoet survives and depends on critical feedback, it is what truly differentiates us from every other poetry site on the web.

Help a poet!

Neopoet is going through a critique slump.
We are here to help each other.
Join the new workshop

We are not a social site. Read the Neopoet guidelines.
"Critique, don’t comment. Neopoet is primarily a workshop environment, where you can expect to receive critique of various levels."


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