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How do we get new members?

We tried the social networks, have got some new members. Neopoet is shrinking. The same old members post. If everyone mentioned on their social networks, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, etc it would help people find the joy of poetry. But never, ever denigrate rap. There is fine work there. it would work.It would work. We are so unique in helping new or aspiring poets develop their work.

It is not about ego, we really help people and all of us can do our bit to help find the joy of poetry.

Naught bad words

When asked why he replied not at all. Most people found it disconcerting to the point of rudeness whilst he saw no point in responding in any conventional way that would further a social interaction he had no desire for and in fact found discomforting to the point of fear.

The Life Blood Of Neopoet

More than anything else the giving and receiving of critique is what makes Neopoet the best and most unique of poetry sites on the web. Over the last 8 years I have seen so many poets advance from 'roses are red and violets are blue' to fine wordcrafters and artists and it is through the process of giving and receiving critique. Not just in the Stream, of course, through the Workshops and Mentors program as well.
Receiving honest, constructive critique helps, of course, unless your work is already perfect, in which case you need psychiatric help, not a poetry site.

Neopoet on the social media, help!

We now have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr. Maggie, emogothgirl, is our new Director of Social Media.

Please send Maggie or me anything you would like to see posted anywhere. We are open to suggestions for quotes, opinions, memes, picomments or whatever on any aspect of poetry or Neopoet.

Actually, I'm begging for help here, it's difficult to come up with constant input. Anything funny, interesting whatever. Please,

Screw god or any deity.

Stephen Fry may be one of the bravest and most eloquent men on the planet.

Recording your poetry. Live readings.

Could I get some general feedback on who is interested in live readings? Apart from the extra dimension of your own voice and expression in your work it would be particularly useful in Meter workshops, like "Meter Is Our Friend ".

All you need is a microphone, either plugged into your computer, most laptops have built in mikes, I've found a headset with mike most useful. Virtually all phones can record your voice.

Chat you buggers!

Remember how much fun we had in chat? Gluing Paul to the ceiling? Flourescent paint everwhere? Deep dark magics? Spontaneous poetry?

Whenever you log in to Neopoet, open the chat room, even if you are the only one there and keep the tab or window open. Use other tabs to do your posting and critiquing, you will hear a bling when someone enters the room, and if you don't have sound on your computer just check in occasionally. I just caught up with our old friend Press! It's been ages!

Performance poetry, poetry aloud and chat

I would like to experiment with a chat for reading our poetry aloud. is an easy to use place for making temporary recordings. Soundcloud,, is good if you want to keep the recordings online. Audacity is superb free software for recording, editing and effects.

Does anyone know of an audio chat site? That would be cool. Maybe we could figure out a way to use Skype for a conference call?

Any ideas and assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Undiscovered overwhelm.

Wow! I knew it would blow out but didn't expect anything like this when we changed the Undiscovered list to less than 2 comments.

Let's see this as a special opportunity though. Go to the last page, take the last poem, and see if this member is still posting. If not, why not? Do you know them on Facebook, can you find out why they left and if there is something we, as Neopoet could do better?

Just one a week from everyone and we can clear this backlog and make the Undiscovered list a valuable tool for helping our members.

When is the election?

We've had the nominations. Did I miss something?


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