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weirdelf's blog

Improving All Of Our Skills

In giving Loved feedback recently I jotted this down-
Recipe for a poem-
A modicum of talent.
A generous helping of poetic knowledge.
Three very large cups of vocabulary (nb. store bought vocabularies won't do, you have to grow your own by always looking up words you don't know, although thesaurus assistance is allowable).
Stir, whisk, beat or smash together inside a large skull.
Allow to ferment with a few drops of imagination.
Optionally the fermentation process can be enhanced with psychoactive herbs and spices.

Bloody hell, help please!

Nobody except admin has ever posted on the page on Facebook. Are you able to? Please try it and let me know. I will try harder there but I am strangely de-motivated. It's like I am just trying to think up clever quotes about poetry to post. I would rather others posted there and engaged in conversation. Is the Facebook page set up wrong?

Neopoet is getting stale.

We desperately need new members, new poets, dare I day it? Growth.
Please, please please all of you who belong to any social networks, help promote Neopoet there.
Even any meme, pic-comment or quote, send to me or maggie (emogothgirl) and we will post it.

When I log in these days I automatically look for new members who are here for the reason we exist- to encourage poets and poetry.
all my love,

Congratulations Stan on social media!

Between the contests and your quote you are responsible for nearly half our total reach on Facebook recently!

Anyone with anything they would like to say about poetry or Neopoet on Facebook or other social media please let me or Maggie (emogothgirl) know.

Help with social media, please!

Maggie and I have found it to be a really full-time job trying to create a Neopoet presence on social media.
If you have any poems or quotes about poetry or pic-comments (so-called memes) that you think might get attention for Neopoet on Facebook, Tumblr, Google+ or wherever please let me know, by message or here and I'll post them.
We really need to attract new members, we seem to be in one of our down cycles.

Weirdelf/Jess Sabbatical

At times during my near 60 years I have developed a severe aversion to poetry. I think this can be a good thing. I am many more things than just a poet. So I've been on sabbatical after 9 years with Neopoet for a while, will be back as soon as I can. So I won't be posting or critiquing but am still a member of the Advisory team and a Founding member and will offer all support to anyone or any committee I can.
Love you all and Neopoet is still the best poetry site on the web.

I am now running a workshop on technical aspects of using computers, word processing and sound recording. It is not specifically about any aspect of poetry, it is about using Windows and Macs to greatest benefit.

It will run concurrently with other workshops as it will not conflict with any of them or require much input from the participants.

What I need is input from you on what you would like to learn about, or what you would like others to learn about (often we don't know what we don't know because we don't know it).

Andrew and Paul can't, they are the owners.Their critique would affect the site.
Rett, let him explain himself, and I ask him to, especially as he is standing for election to the AC. Please explain.
I critique, write and work hard at the AC, which you don't see. I so do what I can.
Chrys is a superb poet, and an excellent mentor, a bit of a drama queen but she loves Neopoet, so vote for her in the upcoming elections.

Put up flyers

Post them on noticeboards and telegraph poles. Tell people who we are.
Neopoet badly needs new members. Do your bit.


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