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weirdelf's blog

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me!

I joined Neopoet 10 years ago on the 7th March, 2007.

It has bee joyous, wonderful and privileged experience, full of bubble, stuble, toiland other nasty substances.

I hold two strangely contradictory records here, I have served more in Admin/Advocates/Mentoring etc than anyone else.

And I've bee suspended more than anyone else. My rationalisation is that you need to be a bit outside society, a bad boy, to have the perspective to be a poet. Actually I'm just a very naughty boy.


As newly ordained "Member's Co-ordinator" my first task will be to remind all of you who are Advocates to be Advocates.
This site can not survive without the more experienced members taking some responsibility to guide and nurture new members, to mediate in disputes, to be the members of value that you are.
Advocates active are-
Barbara Writes
China Blue
Jenifer James

Next workshop- open for suggestions now

One idea I had was each participant chooses one of their own poems that they are really unhappy with, just can't seem to make it work and we'll workshop the shit out of each one. We could call it either "Feeding Frenzy" or "Group Hug".

Do you want a like button or view counter?

It is against the grain for wordsmiths, poets and Neopoet.
Even a 'view' counter is against what we are about.
Excuse my language but fuck the attention seekers.
We are about helping each other improve, not mutual masturbation.
That is what keeps Neopoet utterly unique and important.
There is nothing even remotely like us anywhere on the web.

How To Help With Critique especially for newcomers

Objectives: To practice giving constructive feedback.

Level of expertise: Open to all, especially newcomers learning to give constructive feedback.

"Undiscovered work" list fixed.

A while ago the AC thought it might be a good idea to include on the Tools>Undiscovered work list poems with 2 replies or less. It was a terrible mistake and I take responsibility for it as I was the one who mostly pushed for the change. The list blew out to many pages dating right back to the reboot of Neopoet, totally over-whelming and unmanageable.

It now only lists poems that have received no feedback and is only two pages. The goal, of course, is zero.

Super Quickie Critique workshop

We have a bunch of new members, and a lot of recidivist older members, who are uncomfortable with giving critique.

This will be an easy, un-confronting workshop that will help you get the idea of how to help others with their poetry which will help you by others giving you better feedback.

Please post the link on any social media you belong to.

See you there at

To write better poetry.

Rhyme is the least of your concerns. Poetry is about saying less to mean more. It involves learning some of the devices of poetry to make your language sound more potent/musical/magical whatever.

How can I give you specific advice on how to do that? Well, I spent many years in academic study. It didn't make me a better poet but it did teach me to write better poetry.


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