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I've belatedly posted a wole bunch of readings

on the now concluded 'Meter... The Workshop'
sorry for the delay, hope they help.

How to improve your poetry dramatically

I copied Jane's answer when I asked her how her poetry had improved so much in just three years.

"I think Neopoet can take a fair degree of credit in helping to shape what I write today. The workshop environment helps for one thing, but reading other poets helps enormously.
We have some superb ones here.

Workshops help too, even if it's a subject you have some familiarity with, the discipline is good.

Happy birthday Jane!

You've only been a member for a year and a month and already you are a vital part of Neopoet and a friend and a valued poet.

Eeeek! My suspension of disbelief is failing

My suspension of disbelief is failing. It's a fucking nightmare. I see the strings on Superman. Every plot idiocy goes clunk.
Cliched lines torment me. My dreams are re-hashes of old plots.
It's come to this.
I'm going to have to create something. [shudders]

Check out the Forums

They are getting lively, vividly.

Workshops are great for learning and teaching and exploring each other in a mildly structured way.

Forums, jump in boot'n'all. Say what you like, or don't.

Crossing the Styx

Finally was able to summon the courage to venture forth from my cave and after cunningly evading various devious traps and pitfalls, fighting my way through the savage hordes, crossing monster infested rivers, getting swallowed by a dragon and spewed back forth Jonahish, I glamoured the savage ogre on guard with my magical Immunity Deranger plaque and entered the demonic realm of the Preciousity Obtainers. There, to enhance my eternal wealth, and most likely my damnation, I made off with the two most dangerous and haunted tomes ever produced...


I saw the original Sydney production in 1970. First ever full nudity on an Australian stage. This 12 y/o was not so much impressed by the nudity as the lines-
Claude (holding up a poster of David Bowie)- Wow, I'm not a homosexual or anything but I'd love to sleep with that guy!

She asks me why, I'm just a hairy guy
I'm hairy noon and night, hair that's a fright
I'm hairy high and low, don't ask me why, don't know
It's not for lack of bread, like the grateful Dead, darlin'

Where do we view the AC application forms?

We want to know who we are voting for.

Neopoet Members Coordinator
Contact me if you have any problems.

Spoken Poetry

Anyone who is still unsure about recording and uploading their poetry please check these out:
A Tutorial on Vocaroo & Soundcloud:



kindly provided by Kelsey.

Hear each other!

It's not that hard, sister and brother poets,


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