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weirdelf's blog

I've tried many times with varying degrees of success and abject failure to cover meter. I keep trying because it is the most important tool of our craft, much more important than rhyme. The very first poetry created by humanity came from the rhythmic retelling by Shamans of their trances induced by drumbeat. Well, that's the theory I attempted to prove in my MA Thesis and the examiners approved. It is also a powerful mnemonic aid.

New members, old members and social media!

Hi, welcome all new ones and greeting all.
We have a page on Facebook.
Let me know your username there so I can add you to the group and you can contribute.

This is becoming ever more important to Neopoet. If you know how to record your own voice reading your poetry, know how to enhance the sound (it usually needs it) with Audacity or similar program and then upload it to SoundCloud or Vocaroo or similar site, or video for YouTube, Neopoet has accounts at SoundCloud and YouTube, please let us know.
Chris (vandiemenspeak) runs our audio and we need people not just to record your own and other people's poetry but especially to teach others how to do it.
Can you help? Will you?
Let us know, please.

One thing I love about Christmas

is that along with New Years Eve and birthdays, it celebrates that we have survived yet another reckless journey of 940 million kilometres at a speed of 108,000 kmh. Imagine that! We do it every year without even falling off the planet. Pretty fucking clever, I reckon.

How can I contribute financially to Neopoet?

We value privacy very highly here and develop a communal nasty little rash at the very idea of pushing ourselves on people or asking for money. You have to look hard to even find out how.
Help>Frequently asked questions>Question: How can I contribute financially? Can I donate? How do I get a premium membership?
Thank you very much for your interest. We carry a minimal amount of advertisements, and we do not receive government grants or other support. We exist financial because of contributions from members like you.

Download your Complete Works

Anyone, can download their own complete works on Neopoet at
Do this as a backup, we take all care Neopoet is not archival site and we do not guarantee the safety of works posted here.

Esker Memorial Month

For the next month I'm going to be posting people's favourites of Esker's poems or his feedback poems on the Neopoet homepage every few days.
Put in your requests here.

Neopoet Facebook page.

!. First rule of Neopoet Facebook page is that there is no Neopoet Facebook page.

2. Second rule of Neopoet Facebook page is that it isn't at

3. Third rule of Neopoet Facebook page, and this one is serious, is that we don't post our poetry there.
Really post anything you like about poetry but not your own work.

Let's have an Esker appreciation week.

It breaks my heart that one of the finest poets I have ever read occupies most of our 'Undiscovered work' list. His output is prolific, sure, yet the level of quality remains astonishingly high. If for one week we all read an Esker a day (keeps the shrinks at bay) and made a comment, I think it would do us all a power of good.

Esker has been on Neopoet for over ten years and his fecund contributions have given a lot to a lot of poets. Let's give some back.

Why do we write?

Why do we write, why bother going through this torture to which so few of the world have any interest in at all? Eumolpus asked.
We all have different answers, except mine. I do it expecting to become a billionaire.
What are your answers?


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