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weirdelf's blog

Poetry rock videos

I used to make rock videos, did works for Midnight Oil, Icehouse, The Saints and others.
Would anyone like to make poetry videos with me? We could use yours or mine voice reading of your work and collaborate on the imagery.

I have the camera and editing skills and software and some skill in 3d animation, effects and sound production.

Drop me a line if you're interested, we could post them on a Neopoet dedicated YouTube page or Vimeo or whatever preferred site.

Humour to be serious

I am considering running a somewhat esoteric workshop on the use of humour to convey serious ideas.
It would not be a workshop about funny poems, it would be about wordplay, sly references, about not taking oneself too seriously in order to convey something very serious.

This would definitely be Shark Pool material. Participants would need an excellent vocabulary, a more than passing familiarity with classic poetry and an interest in expressing vital issues.

Anyone interested?

I swear that is is the most important workshop

ever run on Neopoet I is is Kelsey (swamp-witch)'s "Critiquing Imagery, Literary Devices, and Syntax".
I could give examples of how she use syntax, imagery, brilliant other devices to produce great poetry whowever the most radical concept she has introduced is kindness.

Kelsey has developed a form where she offers help with helpful corrections and with out ever being cruel of difficult.

Largely thanks to Kelsey and those others who have given their kindness and help Neopoet is entering a major new stage of development.

I repeat Kelsey's Blog.

Forgive me but this is too important to overlook.

I recently suggested to a member a 'trick of the trade', to spend a few hours reading some highly lyrical prose and some highly metrical unrhymed poetry, to put me into a prosodic mindset then try again.

What 'tricks of the trade' do you use to find the right rhyming pattern, metric form, or other prosodic devices to fit a poem you are having difficulty shaping?

Do not miss out on a great opportunity!

Kelsey's new workshop 'The Great, Big, All-Inclusive Critique Workshop' covers everything you ever wanted to know about giving 'giving', constructive, helpful critique.

Don't be put off by the optional extra reading, if you just join the workshop and participate you will learn how to be kind and helpful and sound professional at the same time.
Do not miss it.

Let's try some trochees!

The second experiment in meter is a quatrain of Trochaic Tetrameter.
dum ta/ dum ta/ dum ta/ dum ta
dum ta/ dum ta/ dum ta/ dum ta

Mental muscle memory.

Think of learning meter like 'mental muscle memory'

When you learn something well enough you don't have to think about it.
You will have noticed there is very little formal meter in my poetry but because I know it it slips in when appropriate.
Many poets have an objection to learning meter because they think it will restrict them into formalism. Quite the the opposite, it expands your creative abilities.

It's not too late

It's not too late to join either of the really good workshops we are running at the moment.
I'm sure many of us have poems we have difficulty finishing or getting 'closure' with and can get help at

oo oo have you notice the new feature?

You can now see have many people have viewed your work.
On the Stream is says-
Read more, Add New Comment, x Reads, Bookmark this

On the poem itself at the bottom it gives the links to Social media and gives the reads.
Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, x Reads, Bookmark this, Nominate poem

Many have asked for this and it is done.


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