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Naught bad words

When asked why he replied not at all. Most people found it disconcerting to the point of rudeness whilst he saw no point in responding in any conventional way that would further a social interaction he had no desire for and in fact found discomforting to the point of fear.

Weather, sports, world, whatever, whatever could discourse do to alleviate, dispense with or remove it, he ran round the building ledge, heedless, not fearless, indifferent he found the unit of the woman who obliged him with her equal lack of enthusiasm (so, he not quite failed to). He gave the grin that seemed functional on such occasions, even with police, and disquieted himself further.

A nice enough word, left to its own devices therefore he abandoned it, with a twinge of remorse and sort of slaughter. Verbal would do, blood is so hard to remove and tie-dyed just wouldn't do at all. Hippies can be ok, though he had seen them smoke, brand placement, no doubt. The search was on, this felt tainted with motivation. Fuck and cunt are nice things. Scatalogies are banal, blasphemy irrelevant.

To utter an extremity of callous cognitive dissonance, to screech mindlessly an aphorism of atomic proportions. To hereticise an epiphany of such utter indifference the cats themselves would fail to raise an eyebrow.

He had a goal. eeeeww! Tilt, tilt, tilt at the windmills of profanity, slay frig and feck just fuck, for fucksake, for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ, the commie sonofabitch, nailing to a cross was too good for him, he should have burned alive in the Twin Towers, along with the innocents (now there's a word!). Innocent, my rather well formed arse! They were mercenaries (apart from the cleaners and other enslaved service folk), soldiers of fortune in the righteous campaign of austerity, the proper return to the natural order of slavery. None of the great civilisations were built without it. Few of the dead were not soldiers of economic warfare.

Now there is a truly dirty word, a word encompassing all that is great in power, wealth, the slime down effect, the word that encompasses a lingering apocalypse, the slow starvation and utter despair of billions. Corporation.

Corporate you, corporate them. Die screaming with sharp things in your eyes.

Corporations, the utter in slimy things that haunt nightmares of lying in bed unable to sleep. Corporations, a social construct carefully and utterly contrived to create sociopathic entities with no conscience, no accountability, no consideration beyond the utter rape of the planet, it's people flora and fauna.

Now there is a swear word I can use.

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