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Performance poetry, poetry aloud and chat

I would like to experiment with a chat for reading our poetry aloud. is an easy to use place for making temporary recordings. Soundcloud,, is good if you want to keep the recordings online. Audacity is superb free software for recording, editing and effects.

Does anyone know of an audio chat site? That would be cool. Maybe we could figure out a way to use Skype for a conference call?

Any ideas and assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Also a show of hands everyone who is interested in this, please.


I'm interested - don't know the first thing about how to implement it but would be willing to give it a go! It's a great idea.

LOve Mand xxx

is to get a microphone, headset with mike, or maybe your laptop has built in mike and work out how to record sound to your computer.
When I've tried this before it has got bogged down with people unable to deal with the technology involved. It really isn't rocket science and I am not going to offer a tech help desk this time. Whatever I eventually set up you need to turn up ready to speak into your computer.

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author comment

I'll dig out the microphone and see what I can do! No worries about rushing things, it'll take a few day for me to sort things out! :)

I'll keep me eyes open for the next stage! te he

Love Mand xxx

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