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The English language is an an amalgam of many different languages, it begs, borrows, appropriates and incorporates every language it has contact with. That is what makes it one of the most powerful languages in the world.

It uses every word that can express anything.

Now swearing, profanity, cursing, obscenity are all part of that.

Use whatever word is needed to express what you need to say. That includes all the above.

"A poet's work is to name the unnameable, to point at frauds, to take sides, start arguments, shape the world, and stop it going to sleep." Salman Rushdie

Personally I will not tolerate censorship of language because it may happen to cause offense. A swear word can be the best word.

Anyone who objects to my use of strong language is abrogating their right to be a poet. You are not a poet, you are a moralising religious nut.


There are, indeed, times when a profane word is called for in poetry. But the problem with profanity comes when it's over used. Then the words become just that, words. And they lose their impact. In my opinion words should be used to convey something specific. Profanity only has the ability to convey its emotive quality as long as it is not used in excess. If used in excess "shit" carries no more impact than "gosh"............stan

scientific studies have proved it. They have shown that swearing acually allievates pain. But not for people who swear all the time. I guess I've passed that threshold.

Thanks for your support in dealing with Lonnnie's attack. I honestly have no idea of a what triggered it, we have been gettting on well lately. I am used to his abuse but what really concerned me was his attacks on the AC and the Trustees, he suggested I had you in my pocket or worse. Is there anything I could do to help?

Anyway, mate, I think you're workshop is a brilliant concept, I will try to honour with a well written piece, but I can't promise, my grief, illness and pain are not conducive to good writing at he moment,

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'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

author comment

then you just attack others and its hatred..vile and obscene...
personal....maybe personality my country you
can get formed up for this..they consider you dangerous..
and hold is serious because of the intent of the
focus of the rage.....capable of this on complete strangers
on a fairly democratic web site.....

i remember when you pm's me that you would come over
and slap me...i used to get abused much..emotional
and i forgot the slapping part...

but the world is coming apart so maybe this is just the
start of the slide....that was my theory....that the undead
were not really zombies..just spiritually dead and full
of what we are without that light of reason..soul less
and intent with harm..dangerous.....

this isnt about workshops....
does anyone think the term intervention make any sense?

My failure was attacking back.
I deleted the whole thread which was a pity because I got some great feedback.
I just hope it's over now. I have enormous respect for lonnie as a poet, but despise his cowardice in failing to give constructive feedback. We have other isssues but mainly blame the US government in discarding those brave men whose lives have often been destroyed by PTSD.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

author comment

He called "Cold Media" things like television where it is all spoon-fed, no viewer engagement or imagination required, where the "Hot Media", the hottest of all being poetry, requires the viewer/reader to actively engage and use their imagination to create meaning from the form. My theory is that so many people engage in Cold Media that they learn to act and respond to TV soapies and "Reality TV". Their lives, emotional responses and behaviour are learned from Cold Media.

It is a devastating concept on the human condition.

I promise not to slap you. I commit to Hot Media. You are the finest poet on Neopoet and the reason so many of your works are on the "Undiscovered work" list is that it is very Hot Media, it is not easy so many people would rather read "Twinkle, twinkle, little star".

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

author comment

A very good Blog.
Profanity, is a bad thing as it usually attacks the feelings and beliefs of others, whether their religion or what ever they believe in.
As humons we are able to talk in many Languages and believe in many varied entities, so I believe that these are ok unless someone wants to ram them down your throat.
As to swear words or the words we use to express varying moods or body parts, to me these are Ok in the right context in poetry or writing.
On site here we are a learning site for poets so we will use swear words quite a lot if we want to.
Now we must draw a line at using our word power to insult or cause others discomfort, not the wake up kind but the attack on others.
If we can't understand each other then best to be quiet.
Poetry writers are mostly driven by the love of poetry, some though are driven by the need to express themselves outside of a confining position, being beaten or other traumatic events, it is really great that these people can be heard in their own way.
I am so sorry that I can't really equate with the bad things that happen in real life, due to my beaut parents and friends throughout my life,
I have been down a long way in my life divorced and remarried, I think this is a learning curve, I have been in War Zones, so know what happens there and to the people there.
Not been certified yet in mental ability, but there is plenty of time for that lol.
I know it is hard for many poets, but just stand there with them for as long as you can, in their words, before you scream.
Take care and all of you know that here there is one that loves you all, ME..
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

they learn you this and give you a star inschool
reciting robert frost and all that..
captian my captian....

spelling is atrocious.

had a long convowith brainiac man at coffee patio
Twiggs..North Bay Ontario...
lately i go to GD2GO on main east
the latter one would be like neopoet
with certified gifted
people there are hard media
goal money
the first place is too..but both different
as night and day...go figure i love
both as opposed the chain outlet
coffee stores although the coffee is
very good at Tim Hortons.
they dont bug me much if i sit in
there and write either....
maybe why rowlings did her works
there in the very begining

write your feelings....i cant formulate
much around those..
poetry is as close toexpression
i of those droning
creeks..part of themental ness
or egoness

probably write about my righting
except im in a kind of code thought im not that smart
like some.....i just write..
i just keep on writing
it was fun at first
and then interesting
and now its like
beyond anything many
have...same reasons
its like
"come out of it man"
except i went in there
long long ago

i dont know anymore
im happy er these daze

rock stars are brilliant
lyrics..flaming wrecks
sounds like a band
should look it up..
but many are very bright people
just their personas
not everyone looks for twinkle

i threw that in there
code remember

poems.....they are great
they can be blatantly simple
or overtly extravagant
its just harder to work
with the plastercine
but that stuff gives people
joy too

in sculpting that is what
leads to thehard copy in
welding and lost wax casting
well wax too to be honest

how to turn something
simple into the operatic
thematic vividness

sounds like a workshop..

workshops are growing places
and a lot of people do need to
grow..its like physio for the soul

twinkle twinkle little star how i wonder where you are?

trickle nickle little "Zar" I bet you wonder why the bar?

poets dropping change...his muse is like the first
star to wish upon...exasparatin..anguish
the desire of a dream even...a wish...
on the payphone..although a lot of people have a cellie
i not cello...celllphone
cello cellphone drawing bow
superb vibratto smooth and low..
her tarry voice from toil and blow
reduce a man
the kung fu slow

calling his hearty voiced
muse..runs to the bar
downs a few and the melancholic
beaudaline spleen takes hold.

like you name a girl
a car a gat a desire.
ha a body item.

poetry can touch all.
sweetness and goodlives people
to those whom have felt thewrecking
ball asco mmon as the incoming

tired tired tired..gotta

thank you....

awaking is not always my best moments...
but you were right...
herding us like sheep
while about the world fell apart

whom else spent the time to record
a personal reading
like i love my utube with its passionate
covers of songs
your barbs
your ways

you were human
in expressing
and believing in
this place

and like i
had to leave
much of what
i still love
and do
and did

thank you Mr Elf

thank you..

my comp didnt let me load or record...
but enough to get the idea what poetry
would have been like...
this is the new age

and im awake...

sir esker

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

author comment
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