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Next workshop- open for suggestions now

One idea I had was each participant chooses one of their own poems that they are really unhappy with, just can't seem to make it work and we'll workshop the shit out of each one. We could call it either "Feeding Frenzy" or "Group Hug".

I would like to have another go at meter now that I've mellowed a bit, developed some patience and tolerance. Meter workshops used to make me nuts, it's so frustrating when what the poet is hearing in their own head is not what the reader is hearing. If we do this I would very much like to make use of SoundCloud or Vocaroo so we can all hear the same thing. Who has a microphone and sufficient tech savvy to record their poetry and upload it?

I'm not so much into rhyme, if anyone else wants to run a rhyme workshop, let's talk.

The last workshops have been on Critique, Abstract words and abstract poetry, a Quickie Critique, Three classic poetic forms, Computer tech savviness, The Minnow’s Shop (Beginner’s Workshop) and Hiding emotions in metaphors. Plus, of course, Barbara's collaborative works.

Any other suggestions? I'm ready to rock'n'roll, or at any rate parse rapidly.

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