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We need people who can teach people to record their poetry live.

This is becoming ever more important to Neopoet. If you know how to record your own voice reading your poetry, know how to enhance the sound (it usually needs it) with Audacity or similar program and then upload it to SoundCloud or Vocaroo or similar site, or video for YouTube, Neopoet has accounts at SoundCloud and YouTube, please let us know.
Chris (vandiemenspeak) runs our audio and we need people not just to record your own and other people's poetry but especially to teach others how to do it.
Can you help? Will you?
Let us know, please.


right now to walk people through the process (might be feeling differently soon), but here are some starting points (the tutorials I used to teach myself):

Getting Started with SoundCloud:

3 Ways to Record Audio on a Mobile Phone:

3 Ways to Record Audio on a Computer:

How to Record Audio with your Computer:

Easily Remove Background Noise with Audacity (for audio-only purposes, just ignore the video conversion part at the beginning and start with the audacity/audio parts):

How to Upload to Youtube:

And the rest of the YoutubeHelp Channel:

Everyone that uses Neopoet (should) have access to and be able to use Google. All they have to do is search "how to ____" and they can learn almost anything. It takes seconds to do a search. Then be willing to learn by following tutorials. That's all. If they don't have that, most people should be able to access a public library where librarians (usually the reference/research librarian) can help find any number of instructional guides in print or online to do the same thing as these links above describe. I know these are not necessarily fair answers, but it's all I have right now.


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but you do more than enough already, this blog was addressed to those who complain that Neopoet should be better and how they might actually be able to do something about it.

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