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To write better poetry.

Rhyme is the least of your concerns. Poetry is about saying less to mean more. It involves learning some of the devices of poetry to make your language sound more potent/musical/magical whatever.

How can I give you specific advice on how to do that? Well, I spent many years in academic study. It didn't make me a better poet but it did teach me to write better poetry.

You can learn without all that work. Just try to make every word count and listen to your own poetry aloud.
Experiment with the meter (rhythm) of your words. Try words that sound better strung together. Use less words.

Find some famous poets from different times and styles that you like and read them and try to work out what makes those poems work for you.

Above all read poems here on Neopoet, tell the poet what you think of the poem, honestly, this will teach you a lot about yourself and help others.

I hope this helps,


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