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Chat you buggers!

Remember how much fun we had in chat? Gluing Paul to the ceiling? Flourescent paint everwhere? Deep dark magics? Spontaneous poetry?

Whenever you log in to Neopoet, open the chat room, even if you are the only one there and keep the tab or window open. Use other tabs to do your posting and critiquing, you will hear a bling when someone enters the room, and if you don't have sound on your computer just check in occasionally. I just caught up with our old friend Press! It's been ages!

Once people get used to the idea that there are people there more and more will drop in. Maybe Geezer and I will re-start up our old partnership and run Acrophobia again, that was a hoot.

The chat committee is working hard, they have great plans, but they need you!


jess thank you for this. the excitement of neo is being kick started come and be a part of it.

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