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"Undiscovered work" list fixed.

A while ago the AC thought it might be a good idea to include on the Tools>Undiscovered work list poems with 2 replies or less. It was a terrible mistake and I take responsibility for it as I was the one who mostly pushed for the change. The list blew out to many pages dating right back to the reboot of Neopoet, totally over-whelming and unmanageable.

It now only lists poems that have received no feedback and is only two pages. The goal, of course, is zero.

Please everyone, when you log on, before going to the Stream please go to the end of the Undiscovered work list and give feedback to at least one poem.
Remembering, please the Neopoet Prime Directive- Critique, don't comment.
We will have it cleaned up in no time. You could even make
your bookmark/favourite link to Neopoet.


I am so busy of late I didnt even notice it was broken!

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