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Neopoets, What makes a poem good?

Let's all talk about what poetry means
to us individually and makes a poem good
for you.


I believe Neopoet allows people to write without fear, you will always be criticized, But you will always find help and encouragement from someone here. And I think the best poetry comes from a fearless poet who loves what they do. Thanks for the opportunity, Regards Roscoe...

Roscoe Llane,

Religion will rip your faith off, and return
for the mask of disbelief that's left.

''Meet me on the other side''

this does
you may like it
moon man

Thank you, I'll go and read it now.

Will you share your thoughts on what
makes a good poem to you?

author comment

x-X or y-X

is just an accident
depends who wins the race
more XXx or lazy y
to fetch a woman's x
that's why
more women have an eX
as men are LAZY Y'ssss

there are several things to consider,
rhythm, poetic tools, style, creativity
and the ability to reach inside the reader.
I think the secret behind a good poem is
the passion of the poet, if one can capture
it on paper, it transfers to the reader.

Poetry for me was always an escape, a way
to move in and around the shadows unharmed,
until I posted online. It is frightening for some
to expose themselves, I remember it well.

Poetry is in everything for those that seek
to reveal.

author comment

A good poem, like good prose, should connect the author's thoughts to the reader's imagination. It is in a sense a communication interchange. The closer the author succeeds in connecting to the reader the better that poem is for them. Not all poems are for everybody, no matter how great our love of poetry. Rhythmic poetic tools are generally what is aimed for but sometimes sheer simplicity can go a long way, especially when trying to engage the very young.

Keith Logan
the happy chappy

poetry is simple emotion
as it effervesces from anyone
from a poet to a reader
though not all.

Some of my poems have been graded as
by a poet yet
another says its crap ..

The poem should tinge the heart of a reader
if the reader cries
reading ones poetry
the poet deserves a credit for his creativity ..

All poetry need not be personal ,
but mostly all poems have a seed/grain
down within ones own soul
deep enough'

What is poetry after all it's emotion
in slower motion
like a Funeral March
at a Royal cremation
very few experience it

So poetry is just a heart beat of a poet
the pulse has to be given by the reader
you are the one to say
whether I am a poet or else!

makes a poem good is command of the craft and a willingness to absorb human culture in order to understand it.

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