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A Collection of Essays and Advice on Critique

A collection of articles on critique and constructive criticism:


5 Keys to Giving Constructive Writing Critiques by Suzannah of Write it Sideways


Constructive Critique: Things to Consider by RockstarVanity on Deviantart (this is written in the context of the DeviantArt community and I don’t agree with every detail one hundred percent, but I love her opening statement and a lot of what she talks about is spot on for many art forms)


Critiques? Don’t Make Me Laugh by NC Matthews of This article shows up at the top of the third page of results on the Google search “how to give constructive critiques” (in which the tag line is a quote from the text that reads “Writers make the worst possible critics when it comes to giving critiques on other authors' works...”). What a disappointment.,-the-Bad,-and-the-Ugly/734/Critiques%3F-Don't-Make-Me-Laugh!/922/


A Poet’s Guide To Critique: How to Give and Get Helpful Feedback by Ami Mattison of


How to Get the Most out of a Writing Critique by Jennifer Blanchard of


How to Critique Poetry by an unknown author at


How to Analyze Poetry by an unknown author at


How to Critique Poems by Chanti of


On Critiquing Poetry by Dean Blehert of (a long essay, featuring my new favorite phrase: “nicely judicious”)

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