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Spam Accounts on Neopoet

Dear Neopoets, 
I have noticed over the past few days that new spam accounts which are posting spam advertisments for medication are coming up in the blog posts and flooding the stream. I'm afraid these users got past the guide program unnoticed and had the chance to interrupt the flow of the community's stream. 
The best thing everyone can do is to ignore these posts. I know it is difficult because there are a ton in the stream right now (which will soon disappear; the users are already suspended), but please do refrain from interacting at all. Commenting on the blogs actually gives them what they want. It tells them that they will get an audience here and they should keep trying to make new accounts. 
The rest of the greeters and I will be extra diligent to make sure that no more spammers get through, but we can always use your help. If another one does slip through and you see more new spam posts in the stream (from users other than angeltoes and forwardhumiliated, the two existing spam accounts that are being removed), please let me or any greeter or advocate know ASAP. You can send us a PM here on Neopoet, or post on the Neopoet Facebook page. Hopefully it won't happen, but spammers today are very clever and know exactly what to do to be inconspicuous until they are ready to strike. 
Advocates, I ask that you also remind new members or those who seem to be inexperienced Internet users not to interact with these spam accounts and warn them never to click any links they post if you notice any members doing so. Clicking spam links can lead to phishing ( and computer viruses ( These can irrevocably damage computers and can send personal data to malicious peoeple in an instant.
Thank you for your understanding and patience regarding the spammers,
Advocate Coordinator


Thank you, you are the level headed one here!

I cussed then both out and told them to leave before I tracked them If a Luddite like myself knew how lol

No worries! As long as you didn't click anything, I think it is going to be okay.


Advocates Coordinator

Critique, don't comment.

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