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To All At Neopoet

I cannot stay long as this is the shortest day here in the Northern hemisphere.
So my friends, I am here in the United Kingdom, thought I would pop in and wish you all a wonderful Season, isn't it great that at this time of the year, that near all the Earth comes together in some form or another to wish each other well.
This season should last all year, Our Sothern Hemisphere friends, mostly in Australia or where ever you are have a lovely few days off.
To all the Earth dwellers, go give to someone that needs and try to want for nothing, to those that suffer for any reason talk to us, we are here in this great thought receptor called Neopoet, and as members of Neopoet set try to expand.
Walk into as many lives as possible, as lack of knowing others spreads mistrust.
Go Well, and as Spock would say "Prosper",
With our Unconditional love always, Yours,
Ian, and Anne Howard.
PS:- I have not forgotten the children, Sadie and all the others send their unconditional love..

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