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2016 The Year of the BOOK

It may be this year that here at Neopoet we will compile a book for the first time.
Last year saw a decline in the number of poets commenting on others works, as this helps to edit the poetry on stream, therefore making poems easier to be selected for a book, I hope that we can when asked start to become more active in Neopoets activities.
1.Comments:- are needed to judge the quality of the poetry we have here, this applies to all poets.
2. Chat Room:- this part of Neopoet needs better attendance.
3. Selection of Poems:- please try to sort out at least three of your best works, for submission to the pending book selection.
4. Editors :- The final polishing of the chosen poems will need a final edit it saves quite a lot of money when sending to print.
5. Poem length:- the usual max length of a poem for publication is 30 lines, this is the usual type set for a single page. Please note that a longer piece may be accepted on merit and use two pages but I would think that is the limit for the first publishing.
Thank you all for your continued support of Neopoet and lets get this year into the worlds eyes..
Yours Ian .T..


Not all poets will be asked to submit poems for the book. With a few exceptions due to illness only those who are pretty active in both posting and commenting will be asked. Also, though regrettable, not many new members will be asked (those who have been on site less than 6 months). It has been decided that the book will only be open to those who have shown staying power due to costs. But take heart. If another book is done later and you've Then been around and active for over 6 months you may well then be asked to submit.............stan PS Book committee members will be contacting qualified members about contributing poems in January. Pick what you consider your 3 best poem and at least one of them will be selected

I have to ask, how is participation reflective of the quality
of any poem?

It isn't. But being the sneaky person I am I'm trying to use book for 2 purposes. Mainly to give poets here exposure (and if permission is forthcoming to give site exposure) and secondly to encourage people to participate a bit more. Of course longevity on site is also being taken into consideration.

but wouldn't including everyone promote participation
whereas excluding members is sort of a buzz kill ???

that I Could include everybody but I'm being charged on a per page basis and my finances are limited. And a year from now would it seem fair to those who have been here at least 6 months and who have been participating to see a poem in the book from somebody who was just here a short time or who seldom participates?
The newer members can always hope to be included in a possible later book if they continue participating. That's about the best I can afford to do.......stan

The poetry books I am in, are around 120-150 poems,
that's 60-75 pages of book.
But as you say you have to pay per page, then number of copies comes into it.
Your list of names at the moment is 28 names, can we have some idea on number of pages.
At 28 poets you are aiming for a 34 page soft cover book, this would be quite OK as the first from Neopoet and I think the expense could be recovered.
I would have loved to see a pool of funds started but these things take a lot of energy and time, I have some spare Greenbacks here (Only 8 though) but a start lol.
Anyway I will wait to see what you think first.
We is going to have a few extra jobs this year, well done young Stan, Yours Ian..

Give critique to help keep Neopoet great.
Unconditional love to you all.
"Learn to love yourself first"
Yours as always, Ian.T, Sparrow, and Yenti

author comment

This book is going to be a paper back "chap" style book. That in itself kinda limits the size. Plus I had to consider that a lot of the poems will likely be longer than a single page. So I'm figuring this book will likely wind up about 50 pages long. Btw, the list of names is tentative and I anticipate at least another 4-5 being added. Plus all monthly contest winning poems will be included and that adds another 11 poems. Plus the book committee chairman is going to be allowed 3 poems lol. So this thing will grow out of control if allowed lol.
As to a pool of funds being requested. I started out stating that I'd cover the costs and to say otherwise at this point might not be construed as being honest. Perhaps if there is a subsequent book that idea will be used. Heck, might even ask the poets to pay the cost of their entries. Would only be $6-8 which ain't much until you multiply it 50 times lol..........stan

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