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An open write to you all at Neopoet

This is Sparrow, Ian T, Yenti, and just ME.
It would be so wonderful to be able to walk with each of you at this moment..
I have just been informed that I have contracted Cancer of my pancreas...
As there is no cure for this it is just a question of Earth time.. I will be able to be there with you all at anytime, when I have journey on..
It has been a great few years here and the help we have given out must continue.
I am going to join those great poets we have, Esker, Lonnie. The Moonman, Jess, and of course Judy Our Aussie wonder Woman.
It may take a few weeks to get packed but it will leave little time to talk to all so Bless you all as you journey on,
Yours Ian..


Dear Ian, I´m so very sorry to hear this news. Sometimes, not often, cancer of the pancreas can be cured. I know of one person who survived. Maybe you'll be fortunate, but I don't presume to counsel you.
I did not have the pleasure of meeting those who've gone, but I'm very glad to have had your company in this family of poets. I sincerely hope you can continue to post in the future. What else can I say? God bless you and all of your family and friends, Gracy

"My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies; fairy tales of yesterday will grow but never die, I can fly, my friends.” – Freddie Mercury

Thank you for you reply to this blog at least I have time to talk to most of my friends, but at 78 I would need a lot of time and that is short.. I will update this blog when I can give out more information.. Those Poets I have mentioned didn't have the time to talk to others or write much about themselves so I feel honoured that I can at least talk to poets and friends prior to leaving..
I have many contacts in the Spirit world and I have told them I will be there to help them in some of their tasks but that is another story.. Keep a lookout for any info from me..
Thanks again and Lovely to hear from you ,
Yours Ian xx

Words can build a nation

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Dear Ian, I can't help but feel sad, as well as admiration for your courage. Of course I'll look out for more posts from you. I'm sure we all have contacts in the Spirit world, I have faith that one day I'll meet them and have long conversations. I especially want to say "thank you" to several people whom I loved and was not able to thank for all the support and love they gave me, before parting.
May the days you have before you, which I hope will be many, be peaceful and near your loved ones. God bless, Gracy

"My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies; fairy tales of yesterday will grow but never die, I can fly, my friends.” – Freddie Mercury

my dear sweet Ian travel well say hi to Lon when you get there and may you travels be easy I cannot say anymore right now my heart aches


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I will fight on, but all things come to an end, I will seek out Lonnie and give him the love from you all and then some more.
You take care and we will all meet again one day,
Yours with love always, Ian xxx

Words can build a nation

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You have been everyone's friend. It has been an honor knowing you.
Joy and Peace (you have done the work)

If you take the time to read a poem then take the time to let the author know you were there. Study it and form an opinion as well, even if it means going back to it more than once. That is basic critique, what Neopoet is all about.

When we become old we all know there is no denying that we have far more road behind us than we have in front. Doesn't mean we Like knowing it though. You hang in there because there is no telling what the next day might bring. For you the worst will still mean you finally get to unite with the children............

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