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Serendipity's blog

Help !!

Just started a poem for the March comp and I have totally lost my mind how do I enter it in the comp I am brain dead from grief ... please help a girl ? hahaha I feel like a idiot I used to run the frigging things lol

love x

Prolonged Absence

Hello Everyone,

Hello !!!

Its been way too long between drinks for me here but I wanted you all to know I'm returning in the next day or two, I have kept to myself didn't want to be a whinging Aussie, So I battled through sickness only to have to have emergency surgery last Thursday on my spine again, I'm doing great, its going to be a couple of weeks in recovery so I will be around more.but.


I have a backlog of poetry to edit so I will be starting to edit in the next few days I will try not to flood the site activity and keep it to a couple a day...If it annoys please don't hesitate to let me know

Jayne x

Just a Hello

I have missed some really great poetry over the last few weeks, I will be around tomorrow reading and leaving any suggestions I can offer its nice to be back again :) If you want a hand with anything just leave me a message or PM me

kind regards and love Jayne-Chloe


I will be away for a couple of weeks
I will post when I can and read when
I get time ....

I've missed being around can't wait
to get back

Love Jayne-Chloe

Happy Australia Day

To all our Australian members have a joyful and safe celebration, its pouring down with much needed rain at the moment so our celebrations are taking place indoors this year

take care

Love Jayne-Chloe xxx


I would like to know if anyone would be interested in a writing workshop where the participants would group write poetry we have done it in the past and I have written round robin poems as well with some success... My idea is one workshop based on a rhyming poem format one based on haiku and of course one based on freeform

Any feedback would be appreciated

Anyone interested please let me know here or by pm



Can someone let me know when a new workshop starts ... Now I have a few months to spare would love to join in ... Do I have to apply ? Or be invited



Undiscovered Work

I have been away for a while studying so there are a few people who wont know who the hell I am so hello :D
since iver been back I noticed our undiscovered work has poems that have been waiting two or more weeks to be read ... its a shame Chrys and a few others always made sure they were no names on this list

I am going to get through the list but it would be nice to get a little help wink wink

kindest regards Jayne-Chloe(Seren);)


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