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Bizarre accident near my hometown

with my Dad just meters away

I still cant believe it



Gosh...a freak accident for sure....good to know your Dad was saved and that no one was seriously hurt...

raj (sublime_ocean)

As Xena said amazing no one got seriously hurt but I am sure the trauma from this happening on a ferris wheel and the children and people witnessed it were horrified indeed.

I am glad they are fine and your father is fine. This reminds me of another bizarre incident that happened in the states not too long ago when a stage fell down on the crowd due to a forceful gust of wind. You just never know when these things will happen and again I am glad no one got seriously injured in this accident. Like you said, bizarre accident. The picture is frightening in itself. Thanks for sharing


magics mentioned this incident in chat today and I googled for it but couldn't find anything.

I reckon the kids got a helluva fright, you can see the boy bawling, but don't reckon they'd be too traumatised, they'd be heroes at school on monday! What a story!

Neopoet Directors

what a happening!!

so lucky were those two kids - a second later and it would've been their chair the plane hit....

so glad your dad was ok too...

love and hugs

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