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On commenting

Hi ya'll! Deer season is now over so you will all be seeing a bit more of me here. I use the months outside hunting to store up imagery to use in my chicken scratchings that some kind people call poetry lol. Why post this blog? Well for those who have known me for years I reckon I don't need it. But for all ya'll who have recently arrived it will likely be a good thing to know a bit about my methods of commenting. So, to start out I seldom comment on a poem which I see no redeeming quality in. (be not mistaken though because often I just don't have time to comment on poems). On the time when I Do comment please be certain that I mean no harm and am actually trying to help. I seldom expect any ideas to be used word for word but they just might lead a writer to consider there are other ways to state something. But regardless ya'll are stuck with my near continuous presence at least until next October so batten down and let's have fun helping one another improve our writing skills.............stan


No yearn
ON commenting see his sharp eyes
he'll catch me
thanks bro keep scribbling
I know ye will
not for this oldy
but all ya'll new poets
u may by pass me
I know all that you have to teach

ya'll poets of NEO 'S

Imagine ME making a typo lol. Thanks for the eagle eye

author comment

Jess gave harder ones
but learnt from both

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