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OK. I posted a poem for the contest

titled it "Social Distancing". Figured it would be fun and might even be good enough to win but didn't really care about that. I posted it for fun and to show support for contests. But........
It has become a political forum instead. Not my intent, just accidentally. Now the question that I'd like answered is whether this is a good or bad thing? Fell free to post your opinion here ...........stan


with all the attention sir! LMAO Oh Stan your poem is about social distancing we all get it, its a good one too, personally i think it is ok to have a political discussion but maybe it should have been kept off your poem baring in mind it didnt show any signs of being political. I didnt see anything political with that of Eumolpus's entry either. I think that if anyone would like to have one " because we all have political opinions and in my eyes none of us are wrong" then its ok. I dont think anything lesser of a Man who believes in Trump because we have to except that all opinions are different, sure, we all have different beliefs and of course lets just use an example a building constructer will have a different view than a migrant so to speak sir, i hope you see what i mean, i have been devestated for Brexit because i am in another EU country of europe, it may suit my sister but it doesnt suit me. Anyway its never a bad thing to have discussions on belief of political views it's how we use them, if we all believed the same there would only ever be one party and we wouldnt need to vote!

Now i shall go off and hide under my rock, with my very Large Gin and Tonic.

Thank you...Teddy

There used to be a crazy Aussie on site who thought a main purpose of poetry was to stir things up. I guess he'd have liked the unintended controversy my scribble caused...............

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You know me well enough to know that i hate confrontation in any way i actually felt quite shakey being on this one, However what i mean is that if someone had a blog on politics then everyone who wished could join and have debate. On a poem some may find it inapropriate to join in the conversation between two. Thats just logical. Hey you did ask! lol

I think there is nothing wrong with hearing what people believe and politics is one of the most interesting debates in these years than has ever been in my life time anyway. Take care my dear Stanley xoxoxoxox

Thank you...Teddy

I have grown accustomed to ducking behind walls at times lol

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