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Inspired by a remark from Anna of Ohio....

The story of a lonely man
who no one seems to know
though oft referred to out of hand
with words that hardly glow

All his life unrecognized
people do and others don't
you'd think that he was despised
acknowledge him? most people won't

So he lives a life of shame
or something real close to it
what is this poor ol' guys name ?
don't you know Jack Shitt ?


I've had enough folks say i don't know Jack that I felt he needed to be acknowledged lol.............stan

author comment

Yeah, well you'd think Jack Shitt would know shit? He ain't no Sherlock!

Thanks Stan, Barry and I had a great Laugh out Loud, I'm still smiling and my jaws hurt.

~A & B

warned you it might be coming lol.I try to credit when another inspires a write. I'll be glad to recommend a cosmetic surgeon if needed to remove smile from your face...................scribbler

author comment
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