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November Contest Winner

Autumn must bring out the best in poets as this was a contest in which Many excellent poems were submitted. But it is unfortunate that there can be only one winner. The winner this month is "I FEEL THE SAME" by IRiz. An honorable mention goes to Chiori for "Naked Trees". Please join me in congratulating IRiz whose excellent poem is below :

I feel the same (November Contest)
Submitted by IRiz on Sat, 2017-11-25 12:52

It is the end of November.
I have exhausted my patience.
There are still
a few leaves hanging.

I saw the sun reflecting
in the quieted bend
of the nearly frozen river.
The light dropped right
through my branches.

There are mushrooms
growing on my side,
looking too white
smiling shapes,
I wish I could shake them.

I want a shawl of sparkling down
on my naked shoulders.
I want snow.

What do I get instead?
Spider webs
and worn down rags of lichen,
sponges of moss.
Am I too old?
I feel the same as before.
I remember about
one hundred Novembers ago
my stem was slender,
limber branches were trembling
with expectation of winter.
Oh, gleaming beauty of the first diamonds!
Golden bracelets on the forest floor,
wind and wine of the first bare dancing
only one hundred Novembers before.


What a wonderful wonderful surprise! I opened this blog entry with a genuine anticipation to read a new good poem before dinner.
Unexpectedly it came out one of my own. I say unexpectedly because there were great many other poems that deserve the best recognition.
My new but already dear friends!
Thank you for your warm welcome I have joined the group a few days ago and I enjoy immensly the NeoPoet and looking forward to developing and learning the art of writing with you.


My heart swells with joy ..
Congrats poet-tree

when I see
the Bestest win
I still am running...

Many more must come by
from you,
the pen should never dry
what of November
let it be December
the snow must flake and burst
the cold wind's thirst

let happiness
again spring
as when summer has sprung

Autumns will come again
yet again
naked trees will reveal their upgraded marked skin
all will know these are a year old

but the nudity is profound
in all human and animal
these are but silent
naked nude trees
what of we
like human bees

well done
our newest poet ye.

Thank you
for your lovely poetic lines.
I would rustle more on the subject.
But I lost all of the leaves
and now resign
to a winter silence.


silent IRiz
what will we do
you teach us composing lovely
are poets we or wee
time will see

Another fine poem ... you're doing great!

Thank you, I hope you chuckled a bit reading my poem. It does have an autobiographical content hidden under some moss and lichen.


Thank you, I hope you chuckled a bit reading my poem. It does have an autobiographical content hidden under some moss and lichen.


Neopoet Managing Directors, with Richard (themoonman)

Neopoet Managing Directors, with Richard (themoonman)

Appreciate your supplying the URL. This will enable those who wish to see the poem including any edits a chance to do so.

author comment

Nice work! I love that you used the voice of the tree! I expect many fine works from you. ~ Geezer.

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Thank you. I am glad you liked my lines.
I am looking forward to interacting with a lot of great poets here on Neopoet.


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