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October contest winner

I am happy to announce the winner for the October contest. It is "Red Wagon Of Nothing" by Steph.ania. I hope everybody will join me in congratulating her.....stan :

Red Wagon Of Nothing

There are days when even poetry is unneeded
the rendering of magic in rhythm, superfluous
the magic subsides, appearances are opaque
and the psyche has no energy to dive in
to the true workings of it all
these are days for only presence

there is a little red wagon headed somewhere
by itself on a track, in my dream
red is power, passion, wagon’s moving, a journey
my life is a constant rising and sinking of a heart that aches with longing for devotion and surrender into the arms of loving communion, into the arms of a lover

except this time, upon waking
there is no reason to reflect
on what this mystery might mean
and the day rolls on, uncaring
content to take in what is seen

sometimes waking life is so quite satisfying
it needs nothing but itself
eyes open in touch with the universe
and there is no trying to squeeze it in verse


I told her she'd win
lovely poet she is
really great command over poetry


Great to see a newcomer getting recognition. :)


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I hope that you will keep writing and take advantage of the workshops here. Good work! ~ Geezer.

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