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THIS is poetry (HURT by Johnny Cash) if you haven't heard this you should........


I'll remember that for a very long time!

Staggeringly good.

Thanks. Obi.

But I think Cash really brings the lyrics out

author comment

Thats the first that I've heard the song, or the lyrics.
It makes me feel both inadequate and inspired as an amateur writer.


Too. But I'll just keep scribbling along in hope of accidentally writing something this good

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I wonder why or how I'm still living
many younger folks went into oblivion
left a half blind fully deaf guy in me
why this punishment for me

who ordained it

Daily I get news
so and so relative
and relative of theirs
pass by this tunnel of life
why not me
Isn't it blasphemy
do tell me

For some reason you are being saved for some future which neither of us see. Although not quite as old as you I have seen every single one of my close friends go to that other side. Why them and not me? Likely NOT because I'm gonna write some poem which will be recalled over the ages lol. So I guess we will need to just keep holding on until our time comes.......stan

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how did I miss this?????

I feel now this site flows
slower than the Blue Nile .
I wonder where is Gee
he has gone
not since long been seen
not on the screen

have you not noticed

But I'm no where among older
yet the aged poet
though perhaps along side thee
when time comes
none can hold it

I lived from 13 now nearing 83
not aged tho eroded inner body
but I can say as you too may
My brain alone is alive
as daily I strive
for many hours

one day
if not today

The Vikings will arrive and on my behalf say
Till then let's continue
hold my hand as long as dearest friend stan
you can
this is not a lulla bye
as yet here the oldest
we two are

the real world has limited my time here lately so I'd not noticed Gee being awol. i know he has health issues and sincerely hope he's OK.

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Poemised me
o confuzed
I'm here
can't you see
you are fastly asleep
ok he be
not much poetry being posted
so soundly sleep

But deer season is open now so maybe it will reload

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