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Talk about a universal theme!. This month we're gonna write poems about or referring to astronomy or astronomical events. Check out the "contest " tab to get the parameters then let your imagination float among the stars.


pretty challenging contest theme...frankly i know too little about Astronomy or celestial events...may be i will surprise myself by having a try...


raj (sublime_ocean)

It can be as simple as something about a romantic moon

author comment

Thanks for the suggestion...let me think on how I would go about it...


raj (sublime_ocean)

of this vast world ...but only a speck of beauty.. for fleeting moments... like the blue moon comes once every three odd years ...poetry ensues from me too likewise... the sunrises daily
but all don't know it really ...never sets in reality ...we all are rising similarly and the sun continues to rise as always in the the two hemispheres
one this way the other that way
the North the South
are taken care of by poles
the Great BEAR and so on
and yet you all say
bang and bang all day all night long
till you are also banged on
the light of heredity moves on like Astro what
you ask me
all existence is eternity
each one is a sole identity

Coincidentally I shall be posting something related to my take on the myth of Big Bang ...keep watching and also submit your post in the Contest...


raj (sublime_ocean)

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