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Good Deeds, a haiku

advice sought two times
and, with thought, freely given
returned with contempt.


ain't it the truth
best play dumb
remain mum
but, that is so hard to do, especially if you actually care.

f*** 'em

your Haiku works for me...has real meaning, not just "feelies"


That saying "no good deed goes unpunished is way too often true..........stan

author comment

our best intentions may not always be perceived as such,
our best thoughts not considered much.
oh Stan, I sent you a message recently, wondering if you have read it.

Neopoet Managing Directors, with Richard (themoonman)

I read it. And if you wanted no further input from me all you had to do was say it. I took 2nd request to mean you were still seeking comment from everybody

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