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A farewell letter...

I sent August a farewell letter
and begged it not to come back again
unless its summer's sun-so hot,
is substituted by graceful rain.

Lol...Not a fan of Summer. It has been between 45○-50○ for more than three months now and still continues for two more in this part of my world.


I sent a letter to the bees
To visit my home, to fertilize the trees
They obviously cannot read
Now I am left without any seed.

But woe oh a thousand woes
Twix bean flowers and bean seed,
I need them as I enjoy the feed.
Now I think that anything goes

Today I asked that God out there
I said to him/her do you not care
I heard a laugh out in spaces time
Nothing to do with me I'm fine

Then they said it's not our fault
It's not just you that's in our thought
The climate of Earth is changing
You will adapt that is the good thing

Learn to live young Changeling..

Have a lovely Autumn and always know that your high temperatures will only bring us snow, I am going as I am losing the plot.
Where was I, I have just forgot.

Take care , Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

If you look up my poem "Weather Advisory" you'll see I'm no fan of summer heat either lol..........stan

I myself love autumn and winter. Its more conducive to the artistic minds. Corridors and halls of thought an all. I don't think I could take your kind of heat.


It seldom get that hot here in Wales - Most years it rains throughout summer and it's quite chilly ( averaging about 22c ). I like the imagery of graceful rain.

Thanks for sharing

I hope it cools down soon

Love Mand xxxxx

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