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An appeal for peace to prevail at Neopoet

Dear All,

a sense of uneasiness is definitely perceptible with a lot of arguments and counter arguments going to & fro via the the bargain as is obvious from the exchange of words /comments some are getting hurt and an avoidable rift seems to be getting deeper between individuals who have otherwise been having a friendly relationships...sadly this has occured at a time when AEC elections are just round the corner...which in a way is good and in a way also sad...

members here on Neopoet by virtue of their known passion for poetry are expected to be very sensitive and also very expressive...

My fervent appeal to all members, trustees & organizers of this site, as a well wisher of Neopoet:(please do not mis interpret it as being anything but just an appeal) is:--

-- if mistakes have been made in the past..let us put them behind and learn from them rather than malign each other which would get us nowhere

-- let us not create rifts but rather build bridges through a process of healthy discussion between the aggrieved members by also taking the trustees and organizers into confidence to resolve the issues amicably

-- let us all commit to respect the norms / guidelines / policies laid down by the trustees and organizers..preferably through a consensus of opinion...afterall these would be necessary safeguards against possible abuse

perhaps you will all agree that as compared to the severe nature of problems the japanese are going through due to the devastation caused by the tsunami....the issues before us doing the rounds are trifles which can much easily be resolved ofcourse through a unanimous effort and "take some give some" approach...afterall its not possible to please each and everyone...

warm regards ..


thank you for the i have said this is just an appeal as a well wisher...let us hope for peace to prevail at Neopoet for everyone's sake...

raj (sublime_ocean)

author comment

Wisdom indeed.

I absolutely, 100% agree with you.

Respectfully, Race

"Laws and Rules don't kill freedom: narrow-minded intolerance does" - Race-9togo

thank you for supporting the essence of my is much appreciated..


raj (sublime_ocean)

author comment

Raj, I have only asked for a debate on the issues of transparency verses secrecy on the site, and for an attempt to be made to solve the problems within the AEC structure that have been factually demonstrated. Is that so unreasonable Raj. Anna and I have been mercilessly attacked from the moment we dared to suggest that changes should be considered to the AEC structure and implemented. We were called liars and trouble makers for challenging the status quo. Is this justice on a democratic site?


i fully agree that good suggestions should be given their due consideration and i also believe that abusive malicious language should be avoided by only request through this appeal is for everyone to respect each other and use the recourse to a healthy dialogue and discussion rather than getting at each other's throats...

obviously those who make suggestions are because they mean good for the site...but you will agree that it may not be possible to accept all suggestions at one is good that the AEC gets re-constituted every 3 months and this rotation policy provides good opportunity to those who get elected to take a re-look..having said that there is a need to have a code of conduct in place which clearly states what is not acceptable and we must respect those guidelines....

u\you will agree that the intentions of those who run the site are good. as also the fact that it is easy to cirticize than run it...

warm regards...

raj (sublime_ocean)

author comment

Blessed are the peace makers for they shall see the face of God
Your words are his.
I know I have used the sword upon my enemies, but it cannot return until I am no more in the valley of lies.


But we both know that.

You published a lie and got mortally upset when you were called on it. Everything has flowed from that.


Jonathan Moore

Barry...i need to clarify that i am not sitting in judgement on any particular issue but my attempt through this appeal is to calm nerves and request everyone to work towards a greater harmony and peace...

raj (sublime_ocean)

author comment

Hi Raj, one of the mantras my Middle East Peace Forum chants when we're marching for peace for the Palestinians (living the Israeli siege and apartheid) is:

"No justice, no peace" "No peace, no justice"

Peace is such because it has been *achieved*....and usually there's a price one pays in the *real world*. However, my heart is always at peace with what is. Even if it would appear otherwise. That's because I choose to love. Even if it would appear otherwise.



Your pretense of moral superiority is less convincing when you act in a consistently immoral manner.


Jonathan Moore

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