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I'm Only Here For The Workshop

I'm here to hone my skill and, hopefully, help other's do the same.

If anything I say offends you, I suggest you ignore me because I could not care less about fragile egos or raging insecurities looking for validation.

If you say you want the raw truth on a piece, I may respond with the raw truth. If you complain, I'll assume you never want me to read your work again and I am wonderfully okay with that.

If, for some reason, you do not like me, please imagine my concern.


Good to have someone that will speak out for the betterment of poetry, I always appreciate a visit from your pen, as you say if you can't take critique then stay out of poetry.
Whoops a cliché or a modified one.
Take care and we will think our selves lucky to have you here, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

You really need to stop being so shay and say what you Really mean lmao..........stan

like going to a bar..saying im only here for the beer..
ha ha ha..true..that part..but what of the advice..the pickled eggs that ..who dares
eat pickled eggs from a bar....goes with black russians thats all i know..
and in the cans at the bar..the dollar condoms and french safes..and religious books
to read all hung over....

running out of theres a poem...


there is a difference..
and people..the humans behind the poet are aware of that

im a poet..which means im a human...because im human
maybe.just maybe i have a frail ego...or am ambitiously
and demented for power..recognition chicks..male
friends to slap my back...

fine and dandy...

but can i write....what of the POEM

and i can ..if i can write good poems..
then im smart enough..aware enough..
articulate enough to write a constructive
enough critique

this site is so damned cool..
its broadband....and you got people writing
in shortwave..and microwave
and subsonic...

im talking wavelengths..

style then...
character and depth..
its vast..its deep..its light..
but can sit at the picnic table
and chill..
how else does one learn..
we do this as kids..sitting listening to our parents
or in some cases..are groomed about things
by intelligent or crazed parents about things..

i didnt have a parent who was a poet..
no father teaching me about typewriters..
he was a foreman on the railroad..a tough
but fair little guy who played harmonica
and drank beer and got into verbal fights
with my mom..

my mom didnt give us pen and paper
and explain poetry....but we read fairy tales
and the bible which were poetic enough
and public school put poetry into people
more for the age fifty its everywhere
in the music and online for all to see anyway..

we had track and feild and plays in high school
not poetry club...ha ha..that was the eighties..
Bauhaus and Blondie....

"Pretty look so heavenly..a neon nebulae from under the sun.."
blondie from pretty baby.a song about brooke sheilds from that movie
about the orleans brothel..
and Bauhaus
"shes in parties..its in the can"

meaning about film...about it in the print.the can of sixteen millimetre..
part of the art scene in those days.
that was big in those days..
now its all high def and home theatres..

a different world today
the whole scene man is changed
like im vintage...fifty..

im only here too for something...
workshop....hmm..gotta think bout this..
when i get my crap done in the house
here..which is a lot..
then i can sit on this computer
make a schedule..think of something
to lead..say....

people need poetry today..
its never going to go away
its in the machine today..
its poetry man...

viva la poetry

and long live the poem
and poet..

thank you Scribbler..!

Mainly by chance. I wrote my first poem about 42-3 years ago. then I didn't write another until shortly after watching Obama's 1st inauguration. There was "poem" read there by a lady who looked like she was pissed off and the poem was about as poetic as this comment. I was appalled. I thought to myself that even somebody like Me could do better than that and that apparently the state of poetry at that time must really suck. So I wrote a couple of poems which sat around for a while. Then Susan decided to get a computer and about a year later I started playing with it. She showed me how to do searches and off I went surfing the web. I got to thinking about those few poems I had and went looking to see if there were such things as poetry sites. Boy that didn't take long lol. The first 2-3 sites I came upon required a membership fee before posting anything. Then I came here. A Free site for money disadvantaged folks like me. I gathered my courage and tried to enter "Winter's Song". Hell i didn't even know how to type and to hit "enter" to go to to the next line and it came out garbled. But instead of getting the ridicule I expected for not even knowing how to enter a poem correctly I got encouragement. I also got suggestions on how to straighten the thing out but it took a few days before a daughter in law came by and showed me what I was doing wrong . I re-entered the poem, it came out right and that was the beginning. Since then I've been here among ya'll trying my best to improve and at the same time to preserve the western classic form of poetry .Also trying other forms and having a lot of fun and "meeting" a lot of people.

So, when you see me around and wonder what the heck I think I'm doing, like so many other things that have gone wrong over the past few years you can blame Obama lol............stan

write poetry..
i found it a marvel a freesite like this
and still do...

some poetry is a stinker..

and yes...its great that we can do better!

thank you Scribbler!

We ( the site), need everyone's skill to grow with this site.
I think as long as you present a constructive critique, no one would complain.
It's why we are all here afterall.

If you have the time and the energy, please come more.


Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words
........Robert Frost☺

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