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It's a Workshop, Not a Support Group

Folks, I'm only here to help myself be a better writer. That has less to do with writing a lot and more to do with listening.

Look at it this way, if you practice something for 30 years the wrong way, all you've done is perfected getting it wrong. If you review your work with others, they can point out what needs to change and you can do it better, quicker.

While I understand we all have our own struggles and a desire to be told we are smart and pretty and accomplished, this is not your support group, it's a workshop. So, if you refuse to participate in the workshop, you are without value to me in this setting.

We all have busy lives and obligations. If you are here to consume but not contribute, you are a parasite. Posting your work is always consuming resources, never contributing.

For those who refuse to contribute, post in silence, don't complain no one is spending their time and effort to tell you how smart and pretty and accomplished you are. For those who contribute, be certain your investment makes the workshop stronger. Do not spend your time and talent on those who consume without end because it will wear on you while others who would benefit from your efforts are left wondering why they are doing everything right and being ignored.

Lastly, I will never comment on a submission unless it asks for Raw Feedback.

After all, this is a workshop, not a support group.

I read that somewhere.


Your blog is an eyeopener especially for those who believe in just taking and not giving back.

raj (sublime_ocean)

Giving critique raises your awareness of the diversity of styles and techniques available. In the act of critiquing you are honing your own craft, talent and range.

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