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2016 Contests

We will be looking at an expansion of contests in 2016, beginning in February. Each contest will have a theme and will required some fairly specific inclusions as far as style, subject matter, and length.

Additionally, the winner of each contest will get a $25, US dollar, gift certificate from This will require the winners to provide, privately, their e-mail addresses.

Why are we doing this?

For several reasons.

1) We want you to write outside your comfort zone

2) We want you to lean and follow rules so when you decide to break them, at least you know what rules you are breaking

3) We want to increase participation in contests

The contest schedule for the year will be posted by Friday, January 18. so, if you would like to have a specific contest, respond here with your ideas. We can't promise to use them all, but, by participating in the definition phase, you will be able to make the process more interesting to you.


I see you have things pretty much in hand so You have my confidence in assuming the role of contest director. Judging by how late in the month you are going to post the schedule I assume you won't be having a contest this month? Might be a good a good idea to give folks a break lol.
One idea for a contest would be to have folks try to mimic the style of a famous poet........stan

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