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a normal day

ground began to shake
gale force wind picked up

trees snapped
roofs came off
hail fell size of baseballs

birds flew south early
street lights wouldn't work
a beautiful darkness came down
gaping holes opened in the ground
out of which fires belched flame
orange glow was first light that night

there was a flood
river that flows through town was ten feet out of its banks
bedroom mattress floated into the living room

gas mains blew
windows broke

I had a hangnail, but I felt fine

gave it all away

people are odd
some give -- some take

perhaps more takers
than givers

debatable question?

givers are banks
always open

currency -- love
and care

those who make
withdrawals -- coming and going

don't often
make deposits

leave behind
in their wakes

destitution of
emptiness unwanted

ran out of currency
gave it all away

bank closed.


titularred tyrants
toadyishly taunting
tippler's tingles
tedious temperate timbres
tarrying timeless talisman's
tautological tariffs
try tarnishing tawdry
talkative tableau's
tallies -- tantamount
to tearful teetotaler's

Warm Flesh

Warm flesh wrapped in a
State of grace and a white shirt --
Sombre room reflects light in
Her eyes -- rising from perusal of
Her book of dreams

Elegant scent of woman rises
From the open shirt, and
Fills the room with feminine

Hair loosely tied -- how effortless
To undo her auburn tresses and let fall
Round her eyes, offering invitation

As the bed waits to be used.


the Discontent began -
surreptitious and slow,
stirring beneath a cauldron
of pained resentment
neither owned,
nor wished to know

Assiduously acknowledged as normal, "part of growth"
The blows became insidious
glancing past repose.
Striking at the very heart of her being
This man rescinding his gifts -
His love, His feelings.

darkest night

inside each melody --
fragrant spark
playing round us

incandesces everything
at once

on light beams, songs
for their own pleasure play

desideratum's designedly
desiring desist of
insanity's mare of night

melodies play on
nonetheless, so there will
be light in darkest night.


Margaret Ann Waddicor, 16th November 2010.

A moment look on high
be swallowed by the sky (I did just that and was swallowed)
self esteem find the cream/queen
deep in the mind
unless you are a sychophant
a damned great social elephant.

Prejudices ridden
illusions gone
religion's confusions cleared away
all fear of others judging
what and why you tick
whether you conform to norms

Thieves Of Fate

harbingers, soothsayers, seers, witches
begone, scat, remove theselves
from my world's events

liars, the lot
tenders of calamity and confusion
the only fate can be known for sure
is my wrath for trifling in my presense

take thy clownish selves to partake
in a carnival of pleasures and games
jokesters and jesters by your sides
and a gaggle of ogling patrons to witness
this silly and sad melodrama you produce

mine own eyes and mind will deliver
the calculus, and decision


Let festivities begin
for return of absent friend
who had gone to fight the fight
and battle with all her might

The void now filled, the home complete
let's applaud and stamp our feet
for those who wish, toss back a beer
let mirth and laughter now appear

So welcome back into the fold
share our warmth and shun the cold
( in time, perhaps, forget the pain )
and know we're glad that you're back here Jane

Just a little thing to welcome you back........scribbler



Exploding supernova in a Western sky:

Mystic dark portent, or the evil eye?

Seems every hour another star in our galaxy dies:

Tell me, where did all the Appleweed take root

In our garden in the sky?


Like faceless marionettes in some grotesque display,

Contorted caricatures from some frightening play;

Sometimes, it seems that all our dreams of Passion’s endless spark

Are lost in green, or torn in twain, we take

Small solace in the dark...



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