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The Color of Darkness

Saying the word darkness
sounds dismal. It represents
a murky side of society. The
shade of darkness is a natural
color. Most everything does
and sometimes urns to darkness.

Movies that are horror films
have a lot of dimal scenes.
Vampires come out when
the sun goes down past the
horizon belt. We celebrate the
on Halloween. Ghosts and spirits
are most active. This is the one day of the
year darkness and black go hand and

Depression darkens the heart and soul.
Life is vague and sinister stead.
Society uses the twilight to cloak their
secrets. The dimness represents death,
like the ace of spades. The darkness is a
unique and wonderful tone. Its diverse shades
are many in iridescent ways.

Darkness is the new generation's light.


I've often made the same observation: " darkness is this generation's light".

This poem, I think would revel in the darkness, pared down to its extreme.

If I say the word darkness
do I sound dismal?
In the dark and murky side of society,
most everything turns
and sometimes runs into darkness.

Just some ideas how to turn your dark into light. Show don't *explain* in a poem, was some very good advice I was given many years ago, and one that Barry often reminds me of.


I hope you don't mind me calling you "K". I really appreciate
you taking time to help me enhance my ability to be a much
better poet. It is always great to hear from you my friend.
Any critiquing you can give me is always welcome.


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