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Creativity and Consciousness

Here's me thinking around this theme,


Just having seen a programme of "God and Science," obviously written, or contrived by the GODLY dreamers; I was goaded into looking deeper into the facts about our creativity, they were saying that music is somehow "superior" in that it comes as if from nowhere-like us!!!! FROM GOD!!!! But, and that's a big

Language use. Parallel to my poem on Language.

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April 15, 2012, ... /?src=recg

Arguing About Language

The Stone

The Stone is a forum for contemporary philosophers on issues both timely and timeless.

Today I’m going to hopefully beg a question which will incentivize the reader to share their views. Yes, I’m writing about English grammar and usage.

E mail

Dear All, 23rd September 2012.

I am without an e mail at the moment, so forgive me please if you expect an answer to something I have no access to. The Hotmail suddenly decided that I was not ME!!!!!!!! Then said someone mat have been using my e mail, why they should wish to do that I have no idea, it doesn't worry me except that I have all my contacts there, and if I haven't got a back up of some there's the reason for my absence.

I will be back anon, not lost or left anywhere. Still relatively sane! Perhaps debatable?

About the subject of HAIKU

I am discussing on Linked this branch of poetry, and thought I would include this here, as its educational as regards the theme. They are strict, but in the English CANNOT be expected to have the right syllable count, it is a futile pursuit!

....Translators translate for concept and meaning. You will see the captured moment, the season word, the nature theme, an antithesis word as well as a non-personal subject or theme.


As a surrogate great aunt,
I took the child of three into a graveyard,
and we went to the top of a field of graves
to conduct the choir of stones in front of us.

There are perhaps not many great aunts
who would do just this.
We pretended they were a special choir from the past,
and allowed them to communicate with us
in a simple manner, in some ways sensing
that we shared their loneliness,
and made them feel some warmth from us who were living.


CAULDRON LAKE GRYTA OSLO. Ann Tuesday 8th May2012.

Yesterday was a day of scudding sail ships in the sky, and we too took flight from the tops descending into the valley steeply to glimpse the frieze of pale blue ripple in a stripe across the darkened ochre black of the Cauldron lake, its crown around it of pointed fir tree forest, its turquoise yellow sandy deep in one place, where the sun penetrates the water in a seductive manner, making a picture of paradise that waits just for you to step in. 



Hoping those who I have quoted don't mind, its from a conversation on a site, I thought it might interest you here, even if its a bit late for the workshop we had stan. :)


Ann Waddicor April 2012.

How beautiful
how absolutely wonderful
the act of making love
it is the climax of a life

and if it generates a new life
what joy we feel
what wonder at this godly happening
that gives us further generations

its splendour undisputed
its pleasure sure
its essences so sweet
we lack the words
in awe

we sense
express our soul
our core
and for this to be taboo

All this discussion on GOD

I belong to a group who is sent poems either by ourselves or other known poets every day, recently there have been an overweight of poems with God and religion as the theme so I, being asked, and joining others who felt the same, and threatened to leave the group, sent this:-

Days with Charlotte

I wonder how things done with tiny tots influence them in later years, do you have any special experiences with them?

Three year old Charlotte was my child during the daytime, a 'dagmamma' in Norwegian, she was about 2 years old when we went to Vaar Frelsersgravlund in Oslo, Our Saviours Graveyard. There were many big trees and many old elaborate graves, at the centre of the graveyard was a hillock, also with graves on it.


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