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Creativity and Consciousness

Here's me thinking around this theme,


Just having seen a programme of "God and Science," obviously written, or contrived by the GODLY dreamers; I was goaded into looking deeper into the facts about our creativity, they were saying that music is somehow "superior" in that it comes as if from nowhere-like us!!!! FROM GOD!!!! But, and that's a big

BUT, I disagree with this. Bach, when being asked where the music he wrote came from answered: It is there, I only write it down." Just as I could say my words of poetry are there-wherever that is- before I write them down.

BUT they are no different from the notes of music, the words, the colours of the painter, the variations of the colours in the setting sunshine, they are all evolved from what we are, our way of being and the way we express that being.

I do not sit and think hard about what I am going to write ninety nine percent of the time, I just write it...

This process is different for different beings, some of us think out the plot, the shape, the manner of expression is debated in the mind, many aspects are weighed and thought about, before they start to write, the novel, the symphony. That is a different kind of conscious creativity.

BUT that isn't to say that it is some outward spirit, of god/devil that creates the result.
All "nature"is an ever evolving pattern, we are part of that pattern, our brains create patterns, life is this process and nothing else, it never stops however we try to stop it, all parts of the whole, each part its millionth variation of existence; parallel with the stars and planets, revolving and evolving for ever.


Words, they come like the notes of music,
written down before by others,
we learn to use their communication,
it's particular form, their presence,
not created in the conscious there in the mind,
they evolve from the flashes of memory
latently lurking in shadows of thought,
as if they had sprung up from nought,
not mannered or fiercely contrived,
but let loose from the self, come alive;
a pattern of movement, a dance,
a series of sounds that resound as a poem,
a thought expressed, a theory of geometry
dressed all in colours of words,
those tools of our everyday worth,
as we use them to tether our breath.

Margaret Ann Waddicor 22nd January 2014.

A variation...

Words record their patterns on the page of life,
their springboard maybe known,
but when creative juices start to flow,
they come like rain along a bow of bended grass,
the dew from nights of contemplation,
fruits that ripen as they go, reflecting thoughts
from deep within the system,
the centre of all knowledge throws out light,
in beams of colours varied,
makes images of delight and sorrow,
splashes of design, from hidden wells of mind.

Their character formed and reformed by artists,
as music, poetry, writing, painted frames,
within a theme inspired by man's own nature,
his curiosity aflame, like lightening he catches synapses
passing on their messages from mind to mind,
their processing combined with years of thought,
melding finally into the creation of an art.


You have come with some enlightening mind opening stuff. I am neither an expert to debate on existence or non-existence of God. Basically, in my opinion. in your Blog, mention of God is only a point of reference which stimulated some wonderful perceptions which you have shared about "where Creativity comes from". In that context, I tried to relate my own experience about writing, though being an amateur, I am not sure if it qualifies as poetry in the literal sense or definition. On doing this introspection and self appraisal if you can call it that, I do agree with what you have said about "Bach" and your own experience that "it is there, I only write it down"

When I look back at what I have written, it is either in the form of an outpouring of what is there in the sub conscious or inspired by events happening around, relating to natural phenomenon, personal experiences, moods and such other stimulants or catalysts which somewhat compel me to put them into words...or if time does not provide an opportunity to that immediately, they get locked away in the sub conscious mind space.

It would be interesting to read how others relate to their own experience in the form of their individual responses to this spark which you have created in the form of this Blog...

warm regards and thanks for providing this stimulus..

raj (sublime_ocean)

Oh lovely comment raj thank you, yes I wait with interest for the others to respond, it being at the very source of the written word. Thank you,


"The image of yourself which you see in a mirror Is dead,
but the reflection of the moon on water, lives." Kenzan.

author comment

This spark I created, to quote Raj, didn't set a fire of thoughts going did it Raj!
So it was in the open air, and was soon dissipated into space unending.


"The image of yourself which you see in a mirror Is dead,
but the reflection of the moon on water, lives." Kenzan.

author comment

I don't know about others, but I can vouch for myself that ever since the spark you created in your Blog I am now conscious about it almost every time I am inspired to write something.

Best regards,

raj (sublime_ocean)

I do not sit and think hard about what I am going to write
ninety nine percent of the time, I just write it...

Thank you ma'am for this brilliance

I compose '''100 percent''' out of ignorance

Thus as Jess says,
only one comes out

as a bolt from the blue

rest all to the garbage bins we glue

Thanks to Jess and you
at least
one you read and like it too..

This is the spark of creativity
inbuilt by heaven
knows who!

Spread sparks of wisdom
as time runs faster
than does the mind of a creator

and we all are only but simplistic in nature
oh all are natures


If I sat and thought about what I was going to write each page would be blank.
I sit and the words just flow by and I capture them according to how I feel and the theme that has given me a net to capture them.
Sometimes I refer to the old monk sitting there with his quill writing, I give him the freedom of today, other poets say they have writer's block I wonder what that is, maybe I have verbal diarrhoea lol.
When I use to go out to the odd pub or café I would write for others on beer mates or ask for paper great fun sometimes.
I hope my strings of words carries on for all my days.
You take care young Lady and know we are here for you, Yours Ian and The Children x

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..


I don't write for anyone but me,
not intending a specific audience,

not guided to create something
particularly good,
or bad,
just expressing myself,

not expecting anything to come of it;

enjoying playing chess with words,
always different,
and yet similar,
in that they come from the same mind.

Margaret Ann Waddicor 2014.

Thank you for your feedback. Love Ann

"The image of yourself which you see in a mirror Is dead,
but the reflection of the moon on water, lives." Kenzan.

author comment

Whatever it be, I am thankful for your posting this Blog and would look forward to more. I liked your saying "enjoying playing chess with words" and I can say you play pretty well.


raj (sublime_ocean)

Did you Intentionally decide to give me a headache from thinking about where my attempts at poetry came from LMAO. Hmmm........ Most of my stuff starts off as a single thought or observation. Then it sits there in my hollow skull. Sometimes it just fades away but at other times it attracts other bits and pieces of the same subject. All the bit and pieces are already within all of us. And all the words and expressions have been used before by Somebody. But then there comes that instant when that initial thought and all of the subsequent orbiting bits and pieces line up in an organized manner and there it is : a poem.....or at least the first draft of one. Usually part of the organization process almost automatically arranges it into metered rhyming poetry. But sometimes this rhyme doesn't even show up and thus the organization falls into a free form. It's as if I have little control over the process to go take an aspirin lol.............stan

Not wishing to give you unnecessary headaches dear stan, I do not think about it either, it happens, as they say "life happens," so too do poems happen. But still, the processes that govern our brains-to be found in many parts of the body, not only in the head- are most fascinating.

Happy are we in our sea of words, enjoying the ride on each sound like children at a play park :)

Love Ann.

"The image of yourself which you see in a mirror Is dead,
but the reflection of the moon on water, lives." Kenzan.

author comment

I keep coming back to this Blog of yours ....I don't know why you are not posting your poems for a far too long ...please do that....


raj (sublime_ocean)

purposely or am I not worth a sigh
if not tell me why
Ma'am so happy to see you smile
you had gone away for a very long while

If you reply me now
then I will tell you more
about Time and God
r u willing
To know Ma'am

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