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Zulu Dawn

When you first hear those fateful words
It hits you like a thunderbolt
Although totally expected
The blood still drains from your face
You sit, disbelieving, shocked, numb
Not quite able to take it in
You ask the usual questions
How long have I got, will it hurt
Is there nothing that can be done
But you know, way down, deep inside
This is it, the end is in sight
The day you dreaded is finally here
That rock and roll lifestyle of old
Has come back to bite your backside
So you ask the only question
That matters to you any more
“Will I be able to eat nuts
Once the dentures are in, I mean?”

Editing stage: 


You are one evil poet. I notice you did not give us a title that gave it away. Just so you know... you had me. Here I was going to mention the two times in my life when I honestly thought I was gone and then you give me... dentures. Nearly as frightening I grant, but another wicked little trick from your pen. Do you laugh yourself silly when pondering our reactions? I hope so. One of these days I'm going to walk into your poetry knowing.

W. H. Snow

A poet is a nightingale, who sits in darkness and sings to cheer its own solitude with sweet sounds. Percy Bysshe Shelley

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Sorry Wes,
this one started with the title (Zulu dawn comes from the film of the same name) and the idea was about walking, head held high, into a situation with no positive outcome, death seemed a little heavy so I gave you dentures which is not quite so bad. Yes I do have a little chuckle and think "ha! they'll never see this coming"
not writing in rhyme is pretty new to me but i'm going to practice a bit and see where it goes.


author comment

I had visions of that big battle between the British and thousands upon thousands of half naked warriors with spears! I was thinking of the big C, health-problems. Then dentures! LOL Great stuff! ~ Gee

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Just a little diversion Gee, some sleight of hand to throw you off the scent, and let's face it when you've got your own teeth dentures can seem like hell.


author comment
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