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One night I was walking in the woods,
It was blustery and cold,
I was the night the Whisper came,
And this story must be told.

At first I thought it was the wind,
Blowing in the trees,
Then I heard the slightest voice,
Flowing through the breeze.

I felt warm breath around my neck,
Then it crept up to my ear,
The voice I heard was soft and sweet,
But It filled me up with fear.

"My Darling," He crooned sleekly,
It chilled me to the bone,
"Give up your life and submit to me,
And you will never be alone."

I spun around, to take a look,
At who spoke these words to me,
But miles of forest and woodland life,
Was all that I could see.

"Where are you" ? I yelled in the dark,
Then "Who are you "? I asked instead,
At first there was a cold dead silence,
Then this is what he said,

"I am your deepest desires,
To your loved ones you won't reveal,
I am the truth, the honest answer,
I am how you really feel."

"You know nothing," I sneered at him,
How dare you say you do,
You have no idea what is in my heart,
What is false, and what is true.

His laugh was full of cunning contempt,
"I know that you want more,
You are trapped in a life that you can not stand,
I can make your spirit soar.

Invisible hands grabbed my wrist,
I screamed with all my might,
"I'l have your soul," he said to me,
Well, not without a fight.

I ran as fast as I could,
But he threw me to the ground,
I could feel his kiss upon my lips,
I uttered not a sound.

"That's it," he said soothingly,
Do not fight what you can't win,
Sucumb to your wildest dreams,
Then your new life will begin."

I could feel my resolve fading,
Temptation was making me weak,
I was in shock, as I lay there listening,
To the words I began to speak,

"Yes," I sighed breathlessly,
I want what you can give,
For even though my world is full,
It's not the life I want to live."

"Your mine," he croaked with victory,
I have taken all those in your care,"
When I realized what I had done,
I bellowed in despair.

I was still screaming when I was shook awake,
My love told me it wasn't what it seemed,
Then why were there dead leaves in my bed,
If it was just something I had dreamed.

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


Great story in this poem
Written exceptionally well

Spot on for me today! Great job

Not to change a thing


if you want me to read your eyes
and see through the woods ,
be briefer,
for i am now going partially blind



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