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Like ghosts from a Netherland
In bands one by one
Along blackened bloodied roads
They marched
Shadows against a dying sun
These Makers of words
And Tellers of other ways

For they were taken
By the sublime madness
That was theirs
Dangers to the New State
These Seducers of souls
And Enemies of Hate

And so into Night’s dishonor
They quietly fled
Each and every one
Shadows against a dying sun

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I expect to read of orcs chasing them into the West. Very enjoyable poem...........stan

Thanks,Stan. I am going to have to place all the WARS poems together to better understand the extended metaphor.

author comment

Longo I get it this one here and only suggest is this in the last lines:

Each and every one
Shadows against a dying sun

each and everyone
shadowed against the dying sun

I have to come back to re-read it again. I do not know if you even take suggestions to heart or part either so I just say what I feel and if it helps it helps and if not than I am okay with that as well. We all interpret stories or poems in a different light or dark, either which way as long as we leave with some thought or feeling of what it is the writer is portraying.

Good job Longo


cara Mona, I always take suggestions seriously. Yours was a very good one. I neeed to see how it works with the rest of the sounds.



author comment

The ultimate is in you and your words how you want your life story to be told for when we write it is our story we are writing about. Our love and life stories.

Bless You friend

It fixes the shadows in my mind
with burning brands
and stands strongly on its own
against the weather of life.


"The image of yourself which you see in a mirror Is dead,
but the reflection of the moon on water, lives." Kenzan.

:) Il Longobardolino

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