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burns like a dull razor
the crack in the windscreen
the knock in the valve
right where it matters

caught her eyes
the other day
sunshine in the heat
waiting for the glint
and heaviness of the
distant bus

scorch of history
still alive
still simmering

flickering like a star
in the cold moult of night

pages and pages
of mystery
dog eared and torn
thumbed and folded
like leaves gathered
in the empty verandah

want to hear the rain
wash away some pain

Editing stage: 


I really like the vision and I love the way you tell a story in your words. Very profound here.

I really like this part and this picture that came to mind as I read this

scorch of history
still alive
still simmering

Bravo Che Bello


in the mags I love the short stories
vignettes like magic flicker like a tease
a peep show of thoughts

in the new world of ads everything is
thrown so quickly Like a mad carnival ride

Thank You

author comment

I am so sorry to say.

Write your real meaning.

Jess, Neopoet Directors
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There is no obligation to make any changes however please acknowledge critique and comments.

And it has if its not for you thats okay
someone else enjoys this new style
and I will always change it up
always moving I cant go on writing in
the same venue forever
for I am changing each season each


author comment
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