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Sorceress Co-write with Cat

Sorceress, daughter of darkness,
pagan enchantress goddess of doom.
creatures of the midnight take flight
through the Necropolis.

Abandoning Pagan roots
for darker Satanic stirrings
she blends into her cauldron
Hemlock, spiders and bats blood

she draws a circle
with sacred rod in her hand
drawing symbols and sigils
of magical design

Levels her wand
and raises her will
igniting a ring of fire
she dances round the flames
Ebony familiar, treacherous eyes
scarred rake like frame,
weaving its way amongst her skirts
hissing and purring with equal spite

Sister of Hades and the wan moonlight
rises and accelerates into the celestial sphere
casting misfortune upon the earth.
Kismet she cries.

Editing stage: 


I love the fire

I have danced around a fire.

Levels her wand
and raises her will
igniting a ring of fire
she dances round the flames

Love this part. Daughter of darkness with the spirits of fire and embers blowing in the winds. Great spirit of fire there is you know? Old Indian Fire. American Indian - I own the blood and my grandmother passed to me. Like this poem ladies.

I think there is a great flow of story and visuals here also just in time for Halloween and the breath of Fall Air.

Congrats to both of you and send me some of those wands this way eh?

Blessings You both did a great job here that is my opinion and my comments left here smiles:)

thank you very much.


Stand tall, be proud to be who you are, give the world the finger!!!!

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